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How to lose weight?

Asked by fofehi in Other.. | May 4, 2020 21:22
During the quarantine period, I stayed at home, like many of them. But now I realized that the cancellation of my classes in the hall and the short distance to my kitchen made their own . I've gained weight. Tell me how fast you can lose weight?

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6 Answers

disoma Design Lovers ,

The quarantine has reduced our physical activity and motor activity.
But anything is possible
Whatever you gain and further your weight, you need to monitor the size of the portion. Get up from the table with a slight sense of hunger. Remember the norm and the balance!
Reduce carbohydrates. But your food has to be full. Protein is an important part of eating. We can choose an egg diet . This diet helps both to lose weight and to maintain muscle mass.

losamis govdep Retailer ,

It's easy to gain weight. It is more difficult to say goodbye to excess weight. I'm waiting for the gyms to open. I hope that in the summer we can go to the ocean. I'm overweight, too.
and I thought about dieting, too.

gohepat Press ,

to lose weight you need to move more

gohepat Press ,

By the way, I recently took a course of hgh therapy at philadelphia local hgh clinic and it helped me improve my health and lose weight. Maybe you also need to pay attention to hormone therapy?

dorcasmelda Design Lovers ,

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