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Asked by William Stevenson in Furniture wanted | December 19, 2011 23:00
Dear All, I'm searching a resistant and design bench for my small garden in London... any suggestion? I like modern and minimal style. Thanks

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6 Answers

Doriana Manzella Creative Brussels, Belgium

I love Daniele Lago's soft bench, although I'm afrait it might not be suitable for outdoor. Maybe you could check if they make a garden version too.

MOMU Brand Torino, Italy

Dear William,
we produce a bench for indoor and outdoor. We post photos in our profile the portfolio, please check it

William Stevenson Design Lovers London, United Kingdom

Thank you for your suggestion! I'm just back from the winter break and it is nice see that someone helps me. I like the Momu' Bench... it is possible to realize it with a top in stone?

MOMU Brand Torino, Italy

Dear William,

please send us an email with your exigence for the bench at the following address We will answer as soon is possible.
Thanks you

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