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Outdoor Liberty Table

Asked by Luigi Proserpio in Furniture wanted | December 12, 2011 07:55
Dears, I'm looking for a tiny outdoor table (approx diameter of 60-70 cm). Liberty style or shabby or something not contemporary or modern. My little terrace is suffering, please help me :) Luigi

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9 Answers

Tom Drumer Design Lovers Zurich, Switzerland

Hi Luigi,
as I suggested to Andrea, in an other answer, it is really interesting the Saint Ouen Market in Paris ( you can find every kind of vintage furniture. :-)

Luigi Proserpio Design Lovers Milan, Italy

Thanks Tom!
I'm going to Paris in not too much time. I'll surely check it out :)

Giorgio Galimberti Design Lovers Monza, Italy

Ciao Luigi,

did you try Rossana Orlandi? She has a beautiful showroom in Milano. It is my opinion that it is really the best place for design lovers!

Tom Drumer Design Lovers Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Luigi,
I forgot the tube station for Saint Ouen is Porte de Clignancourt - ligne 4. Let me know, it is one of my preferred market!

Doriana Manzella Creative Brussels, Belgium

You should visit the Marolles neighbourhood in Brussels. It has a lot of shops and a famous flea market in Place Jeu de Balles. Check here:

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