Inner Design is a community: engage your friends in the Design Network and earn credits to spend in the SHOP!

Sign in to your profile or Register and invite your friends by sending them the personal code you find on your Profile page, by e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Each friend who registers will earn 10€/credits and you will earn 2 credits (1 credit = 1€)

When one of your friends buys on the SHOP* you’ll earn 15€/credits**.

Question and answers

  • Why should I invite my friends to join Inner Design?

    Inner Design is a network of enthusiast Design Lovers; by expanding the network you allow your friends to stay informed about international design events and amazing deals we offer exclusively in our shop

  • What do I get if my friends join?

    You earn 2 credits (1 credit = 1€) for each friend who signs up and 15 credits for every friend who makes a purchase in our shop within one month after signing up.

    So the more friends sign up and buy, the more you earn credits

  • What do my friends earn after signing up?

    They earn a €10 voucher to be used in our shop

  • How do I invite a friend?

    First, you must be a member of Inner Design.

    Please log in and click here to receive an exclusive promo code.

    Send your promotion code to your friends by e-mail, Facebook and Twitter (the more invitations you send the more people will sign up!).

  • How can I see how many credits I have earned?

    Login to your personal page and you’ll find out how many credits you have gained.

  • How can I spend my credits?

    The credits (1 credit= 1€) are to be deducted from the price of the product.

    For example, if a product costs €30, you can use 20 credits and pay €10

    You can use your credits starting from a minimum of 10, 30, 60 or 80 (when you sign up you have a voucher for €10 that you can spend immediately!)

    For example, if you have accumulated 27 credits you can spend €20 and the other 7 will remain on your account

    Or, if you have accumulated 74 credits you can spend 60 and 14 credits will be left on your account

  • Can I get a product for free?

    No, you have to spend at least €5: so little for a striking piece of design