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Andrea Ponti

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Andrea Ponti is a young designer specializing in everyday life-enhancing electronics, who has developed hundreds of products currently on the market. Born in Cagliari, Italy, in 1985, he has lived in Japan since 2006. Fascinated by the artful simplicity yet sophisticated rationality of Japanese design, he left his home country to carry out innovative stylistic research in Japan, after graduating in industrial design from the Politecnico in Milan, Italy. A researcher and freelance designer at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, he has been on numerous internship programs with leading transportation and consumer electronics companies. For several years, he has worked in renowned design firms in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, learning directly from contemporary Japanese design leaders. Andrea has also organized many exhibits and events for the Salone del Mobile Milan, a leading international furniture and design show in Italy. Currently Art Director and Chief Designer with Pineway Asia Ltd, he collaborates with several Italian design companies and fashion houses. His creations are published in the major trade media.

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Birth date 17/01/1985
Job Product Designer
Type Creative
School Master Degree, Politecnico di Milano (2008)
Customer Case Logic (Pineway Asia Ltd.)
PressReview His creations are published in the major trade media.
Philosophy We live in a world of objects, and without realising it, we interact with them every single moment of our life. We haven't got the time to dwell on them, and take for granted their existence. We don't appreciate their real value, nor do we question their nature. All we need is to look around us, realising that we are surrounded by anonymous but essential objects for our daily activities. These perfectly designed anonymous products are simple but fascinating at the same time. They tell us how we live and they are symbols of our culture. Sometimes they become archetypes and matrix, in my opinion, the highest expressions of modern industrial design. The archetype remains unchanged over time, while the trend objects disappears after a few years. In a design world made up of artists, installations and creative excesses, I think it is necessary to reconsider the nature of the objects, and all relationship they have with the history and culture of industrial design. A research path necessary to discover the true meaning of the word Design. In 2006 I decided to go to live in Japan, questioning everything that until then I assumed was true. To read the meaning of objects through a new critical language. To get involved in the research of archetypes that only the Japanese culture has been handed down over the time.
Style Minimal, Fusion, Modern


InnoPocket: Tank, Aluminum case for iPad gen. 2-3-4

8 photos

Tank Aluminum case for iPad (iPad, Ipad 2, iPad Retina) Can an iPad case be more than a plain remake of the popular Apple smart-cover? Can an iPad case be new and original, functional and minimal, shock absorbing, pressure resistant, light, pleasant to touch, and aesthetically compatible with the Apple products? The answer is the Tank case. Not the usual smart-cover in a new material or color but a whole new concept: an aluminum case that enhances the mechanical features to provide its users with ultra-protection, ultra-lightness, extreme functionality and portability. Manufactured and distributed solely by Innopocket, the Tank case is designed to protect all parts of your iPad that are most exposed to dents, scratches, and wear such as touch-screen corners, ports, and side buttons. It features two aluminum shells and an ABS clasp that allows the top shell to rotate 360 degrees and disappear behind the i-Pad. The bottom shell fits snugly to the iPad, as it is shaped to wrap around it. It is also internally lined with an ultrathin polymeric membrane that buffers the contact between the two metal shells. The top shell, that protects the screen on standby mode, features a 1.25mm-raised cross pattern designed to prevent scratches, pressure, and accidental dropping, with no added volume or thickness. By rotating the top shell, you can turn the Tank case into a stand, and use your tablet for four different purposes: 1) Reading: the top shell disappears behind the tablet, offering a firm grip and protecting all the ports and the photocamera on the back. Ideal to browse the internet! 2) Writing: part of the clasp rises to allow a 14-degree rotation of the screen to make typing easier and more comfortable. 3) Movies: the top shell can be positioned in the back at different angles. Perfect to enjoy your favorite movies! 4) Video calling: the top shell can be placed in the back and the vertical stand gives you full frontal view, ideal for video call apps such as Skype or FaceTime!

CASE LOGIC: Ag++ Metal Bumper for iPhone 5

5 photos

Ag++ Metal Bumper Aluminum case for iPhone 5 The Ag++ Metal Bumper for the iPhone 5 is an aluminum case shaped from a solid aerospace aluminum block by state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Ultra-shock absorbing and ultra-bend and twist resistant, the Ag++ Metal Bumper is the result of innovative research where function meets art. It is environmentally friendly, entirely recyclable, and it features a safe and all-round comfortable grip thanks to its purposefully asymmetrical ergonomic design and compact size: ultra-slim and amazingly light (only 16 grams). The Ag++ Metal Bumper was created to protect all parts of your iPhone 5 that are most exposed to dents, scratches, and wear such as touch-screen corners, ports, and side buttons. The two-part casing is designed to ensure both perfect functioning of the antenna and easy access to all smartphone ports and buttons. The casing installs quickly thanks to two easy-to-use stainless steel micro-screws that lock the phone in: safe and simple! Ag++ Metal Bumper is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific.