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Claudine Faure

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Hello! I am a french architect specialized in interior. I am curious and passionate about anything related to design and my blog ApetitPois*design is all about it. Inspiring interiors, gorgeous design, sweet little things and big smiles!

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Birth date 24/09/1986
Type Architect
School Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon
Philosophy Dare to dream big
Specialization Architectural Design, Interior Design, Interior Design, Temporary Space and Exhibition Design, Concept designer
Style Minimal, Rustic Country

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    Black&White from Danish brand TineKHome

    January, 17 2013 • 10:00

    Beautiful pics from the new TineKhome spring/summer 2013 collection, created by Tine Kjeldsen.Very black and white inspired! Loving it.         And they will be in Paris for the Maison&Objet event next week! I can't miss it. via

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    Stylish renovation by Zetastudio in Capri

    January, 11 2013 • 10:00

    A little idea to renovate old interior... Small guest house located in an old convent in Capri, next to Napoli, and designed by the young italian studio Zetastudio. Bright, spacious with this mediterranean style, I love the yellow touch!                 via aa13

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    Every day is Christmas Day with Super Fun Happy Tree posters

    December, 17 2012 • 10:00

    Super Fun Happy Tree. A great alternative to your traditionnal christmas tree by the melbournian team Sawdust and Diamonds..."The posters feature innovative interpretations of the traditional Christmas tree by some of Melbourne’s most exciting image-makers.Posters Offer a space-saving alternative to ‘real’ Christmas trees, perfectly suited to contemporary apartment living. Super, fun, happy and desirable objects, the posters bring design and festivity into Australian households and workplaces".   Classic Tree   D-I-Y Tree (On-top: Balloon Tree)   Via

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    White color for Wingardh Architects refuge

    December, 10 2012 • 10:00

    Swedish Wingardh architects is more famous for bigger projects but the one I prefer is their smallest one, an extenson of their summer house. Only white and timber. Their best one in my opinion...   The summerhouse is situated on Sweden’s west coast, and the Wingardh's philosophy was to allow the house to be shaped by the family’s needs. It has been carefully renovated in three stages, and it forms a unique refuge for the couple. The most recent renovation was the most comprehensive. The ceiling was raised one metre, and the first floor was converted into a single large space with a stunning view of the sea. The two architects deliberately chose a style that deviates from the original architecture in order to invite nature in through the large window sections. The bright and simple room serves as a combined living room and a bedroom with an adjacent bathroom section behind an elegant half wall. The wall is clad with Dinesen Douglas wooden planks, which ensures a smooth transition to the Dinesen Douglas floor. For Gert and Karin Wingardh, nature is an important source of inspiration, and they aimed to use natural materials such as stone and, not least, wood that match the old wooden house.   images © Dinesen   images © Dinesen   images © Dinesen   images © Dinesen   via

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    The Pelt Chair. A project by Benjamin Hubert

    December, 3 2012 • 10:00

    British designer Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with portuguese manufacturer De La Espada created the Pelt chair. This new dining chair launched during the London design festival, is thinked between simplicity and the minimalisme.     From the designer website: "The chair has a thin 8mm plywood shell that wraps around a solid ash frame, akin the skin over an animal’s skeleton. It extends down the front and rear legs with a fluid tab that seamlessly integrates with the solid frame beneath. The frame of the chair has been reduced to a simple cross construction linking the front and rearlegs".     This geometric arrangement is a result of CNCing a complex twist to maintain the integration; of the start and end points. The chair offers efficient stacking with its ability to put six together. The collection was developed over a period of 12 months after several iterations of prototyping and testing.             via

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    Oak Lamp by Ross Gardam

    November, 19 2012 • 10:00

    I'm in love with this beautiful wood pendant lamps designed by Australian designer Ross Gardam. Designer said "Oak is a solid FSC timber pendant light. Each light shade is hand crafted and defined by the grain of the oak selected. The body of the light is accentuated by the intersecting hole, which allows a variety of hanging options with the cord wrapping through and around the hole detail".   © Ross Gardam   © Ross Gardam   © Ross Gardam   If you like products made by oak, take a look here!   via

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