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My name is Manuela Occhetti and I am a blogger. My blog , Design Therapy, it's a collection of what i like about home design and lifestyle.

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Birth date 29/05/2014
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    May, 2 2014 • 10:00

    IT version ☞ HERE    It's time to think about the garden... Here are some nice ideas to fix all the problems of containment and furniture. The cage is modular structure used in architecture to create retaining walls and fences. With them you can partition your garden or spaces getting amazing indoor and outdoor environments. The advantages are lots as well as the aesthetic benefits: first of all the cost that is minor compared to any reinforced concrete structure; then the cages are modular and can be easily reused; they are naturally permeable and ecofriendly. The set up is fast and easy and the effect is guaranteed! Once you start loving the idea, you can obviously design countless variations on the theme: the structure can change in shape and materials, and the stones inside can be of all the existing types.     If you wish you can also make up an entire house with cages, but maybe this is really a bit “too much”!   All Credits by @Design Therapy IT version ☞ HERE 

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    April, 4 2014 • 16:20

    ☞ Ita version HERE   During University I started appreciating the beauty and class of the city of Tourin, though this, I could hardly live in a city: the “slow” lifestyle of country life is part of me. Actually, looking at this flat with its amazing dehors I could also change my mind. This fascinating Loft, with a panoramic balcony on the city of Tourin  and an impressive pool, is a work by Architect Fabio Fantolino.   Credits by Designtherapy The exterior elements of the Loft don’t need much more explanations and the interior as well. The living area has glass walls everywhere and is divided into three parts: the sofa area and the dining area lie on the same level, while the television area is 30 cm higher thanks to a wood platform. The bookcase close in this corner is covered by some big cushions that turn it into another confortable sofa where you can read the books under you or watch quietly tv. Credits by Designtherapy Credits by Designtherapy The concept of the project is that of a Loft that can be turned into a standard apartment. The walnut sliding doors can indeed divide and define different rooms when closed while open thay contribute in creating a big open space with no barriers. Credits by Designtherapy Some inspirations from this project:  well, the roof-pool is nearly impossible, there are anyway many good ideas like the wood-floored balcony, the raised reading corner, the sliding doors, the recessed tub in the bathroom.           ☞ Ita version HERE  

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