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Due Ancore

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An historical Italian cutlery, whose present and future lie on the intention to revisit classic products by renewing them in their form and substance, in order to make them functional, beautiful and environmentally friendly. The design, style and Italian creativity are coupled with top-quality environmentally friendly materials and strive for perfection down to the finishes and details!!

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Birth date 01/01/1953
Fair 2009 - Italian Style Expo - HOUSTON 2009 - Host Fiera Internazionale dell'ospitalità - MILANO 2010 - The Hotel Show - DUBAI 2010 2011 2012 2013 - Ambiente Messe - FRANKFURT 2014 - Maison et Objet - PARIS
Specialization Kitchen furnishing accessories
Country France, United States


LAMAMI: Italian Style into the kitchen

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Even the oldest tradition needs to keep pace with the times. From this concept of progress Lamami was born, an innovative set of knives&tools; dedicated to rediscover the pleasure of cutting in different contexts where a blade is needed. Lamami is also an original present to showcase and collect and thanks to its simple and elegant style, it fits elegantly every home design, from traditional to modern style! The range includes several sets of knives and accessories for food combing:from simple bread&salami; and cheese, to more refined ones such as cheese, honey and pears, or more trendy sets such as chocolate,grappa&cigar; or mojito set. Lamami is available in two versions: Nature,characterized by handles of olive wood and Eco, whose handles are made by paperstone, an innovative material obtained 100% from recycled post-consumer paper with resins not derived from petroleum. The entire collection is manufactured in Italy; the knives are handmade using the most advanced technologies and first-class materials and the book is manufactured using recycled and recyclable carton, carefully selected to make the packaging robust to protect the blades, keep their integrity and guarantee safety for the user.

B\STEAK - "The culinary scalpel"

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The most recent and revolutionary meat cutting knife designed by DUE ANCORE. Created from a single piece of stainless steel, the B\Steak has a blade of 4 cm / 1,6 inches just enough for carving a steak. Characterized by a captivate and retro design, the packaging has an abrasive plate on the side which has been originated to revive the cutting edge. Totally made in Italy by Due Ancore.