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Type Creative
Philosophy Eco-friendly
Specialization Interior Design
Style Minimal



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Sbobina | design is an eco-friendly interior design project, brainchild of Emiliano Bona. The aim is to salvage classic industrial materials – wood and steel – and convert them into minimalist-style furnishing. The creator has a historical-artistic background which has led him to work in close contact with representatives of Land Art, Minimal Art and Arte Povera, which he took as a starting point for a personal reinterpretation of poor materials applied to the world of design. This is the origin of the desire to intervene on space with irony and minimalism, creating furnishing accessories obtained through the composition and breakdown of elementary volumes, poor materials and primary colours. His design philosophy is based on research and on the formal intervention of the concept of “time” understood as an abstract element that flows and changes matter leaving tangible signs. “Sbobinare”: Italian verb, meaning to transcribe, to transform, to turn one form into another, one space into another or a thousound others.)