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Giorgio Galimberti

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Personal style Dandy style
Style Minimal, Vintage


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5 photos

One of my favorite location in Milano


5 photos

An luxury, dreamy and modern hotel in Sweden.

A Room for London

5 photos

A Room for London is a one-bedroom installation, available to rent by the public for night-long stays throughout 2012. During the year it will also transmit a programme of writing, performance and music. Built by Living Architecture and designed by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with the artist Fiona Banner.

Le Royal Monceau

4 photos

An eccentric restyling by Philippe Starck within a historical hotel of the 1920s/

Caravan Hotel

7 photos

Between a hotel and a camping site, this new hotel style in Berlin encourages the sharing of space.

The Anthenea

5 photos

French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle created this pod for St Tropez waters. Interior design of the 60s.


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A townhouse renovation with a garden extension. Location: Chelsea, NYC By Archi-Tectonics