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    A Transparent Skateboard

    February, 22 2013 • 10:00

      The combination of design and sport's gears has long been well known. Today every equipment and garment is designed to give the best performance and meet the eye of sportsmen and enthusiasts.   From the union of technology and design comes the new Skate AIR, a reinterpretation of the longboard cruiser old style dedicated to all those who use the skateboard to get around the city. The innovation lies in the use of plexiglass that combines a boost amplified - which allows a more efficient leap – with the charm of transparency.   The product  was presented on February 21th at the first edition of the Fair of Industrial Design in Madrid by its Italian creators of AS design and R3L0V.              

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Smiling Planet

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smiling planet makes art-inspired lifestyle products for all ages that are earth-friendly and safe, with a line that includes plates, bowls, placemats, books, apparel, and more. smiling planet founder olivia haviland combines her 150-year family history of making fine porcelain with her husband and founder freddy deane’s whimsical art and stories. together, their products and designs respect the environment, and their designs make the earth safe and make people smile – because smiles are good for the planet, too.

Vapiano Slow Food by Matteo Thun

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Vapiano Italian cuisine: fast food service with slow food quality. A tasteful interior design for a tasty eating experience; food preparation as a performing art.

Lamp with or without function by B°Fex

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From the site "DESCRIPTION This is the conceptural lamp. It is the lamp that can't light up. An example of dysfunctional design – a mistake. The lamp looks like a solid piece of wood with a wire coming out of it. When switched on, nothing happens. The solution to the problem is to simply to cut off a piece of the scultpure. To acquire its function, the art piece has to be destroyed. Lamp - with or without function is part of Art with function – Design without." B°Fex