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Lait Baby

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Materials, every line and all aesthetic choices have a technical reason or a functional explanation: just to give some examples, methacrylate is more and more used and quite trendy, but first of all it’s hygienic, recyclable and offers clear visibility. The combination of wood and methacrylate gives GIARDINO an original style, but above all allows the product to adapt to the baby’s needs during its growth; the shape of OCEANO’s wood sides is conceived to avoid any noises and to maximise the air flow inside the crib; NEVE’s ergonomics is studied to prevent children from falling and to facilitate closeness between mum and baby during the nappy change. Selected production processes and partners give our quality. Our products are created by craftsmen and chosen suppliers, well known for their skills and who, thanks to a multi-year experience, are the reference in their own fields. From a technical point of view, the parts can be easily put together and all LAIT BABY products comply with current regulations. LAIT BABY does its very best to make parents and babies as content as possible.

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