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    Domestic Transformer by Gary Chang

    February, 18 2013 • 10:00

    Living in a small apartment may be quite a challenge, especially if you live in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Gary Chang, an architect from Hong Kong, has lived in a 32sqm apartment since he was 14 years old. After his parents moved out, he started trying different layouts to optimize space. Eventually, he achieved an apartment with 24 different room configurations.    Image courtesy of     He has solved the problem of limited space with sliding walls, which can be moved as required. One room can be quickly transformed into another. In a few moments he can obtain a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry space, a home theater or a reading room. “The house transforms and I’m always here, I don’t move.” Chang said.     Image courtesy of     The tiny space is lightened by a warm golden light, through a large tinted window. “It makes me feel happy and warm. My home is always sunny, even in gloomy weather. I don’t need to turn on any lights most of the time.”       Image courtesy of NYTimes      Image courtesy of Archdaily     In order to move the walls, there are tracks on the ceiling and wheels on the floor. The choice of reflecting surfaces work to increase the light value in the room. A mirror placed on the ceiling creates the illusion of more space and makes the tracks become less conspicuous.       

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