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Lucia Rota

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Birth date 25/05/2011
Furniture Toio Floor Lamp, Design Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962
Collaborate yes
School MBA SDA Bocconi, Milano - Italy (2010)
Style Minimal, Elegant Country , Ethnic

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    January, 18 2012 • 11:00

    Graphic and audiovisual designer Rogier Wieland ( creates some videos made as short promotion films for Moleskine. The product doesn’t need an introduction, these notebooks are well known everywhere, but Rogier is really able to play with his imagination and to liven up dynamic animations. The first video is about small planners in different colours video by by Rogier Wieland and the second film is presenting the complete collection. video by by Rogier Wieland You can be surprised to see the different activities and contents that people might record there come to life.  

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    IN Residence - Design Dialogues 9-11 November 2011 Turin, Italy

    January, 10 2012 • 00:00

    The philosophy behind IN Residence - Design Dialogues, now in its fourth year, is to bring together students and designers in an annual workshop held in Du Parc Residence in Turin, Italy, to talk about design culture. This gives the participants a chance to discuss new concepts in contemporary design as well as creating a community to share and compare ideas and project experiences between professionals (hence the name Design Dialogues). The programme includes several group sessions, an exhibition and a final book publication on the experience that contains profiles, projects and images of all participants. This year twenty-four students were selected from Istituto Europeo del Design (IED Torino), Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD Torino), Accademia delle Belle Arti Torino and Politecnico di Torino. Five young designers/studios, chosen for their emphasis on international design and their interest in research and experimentation, were invited to participate and guide the students through the workshops. They included BCXSY (Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto from Israel/Japan), Studio Besau Marguerre (Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre from Germany), Maarten de Ceulaer (Belgium), Pepe Heykoop (Holland), and Daniel Rybakken (Norway). Each designer had a chance to talk about their individual experiences and present their work to the students, to help them grow and understand the processes involved in design creation. During the three-day workshop students and designers discussed the theme of the year “Sense Memory”, a theoretical and practical research on the interaction between senses and memories, and the relationship between perception of memory and emotional stimulation. Participants were divided into groups and were assigned various tasks, for example working blindfolded to enhance the senses or debating on the issue of time. The aim of these exercises was to instill the important concept of dialogue and communication that is at the base of design, and to investigate and enhance the thinking behind the creative processes, rather than concentrating on the objects built. From student testimonies, it appears that this anti-conventional way to approach design is much more practical and innovative than what they experience in University, giving them the possibility to view a different aspect of design as well as opening their minds towards an international world. It is essential to mention a few words on the characteristics of Du Parc Residence, usual location for IN Residence. It is a 1970s building designed by architects Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi, considered a landmark of modern architecture in Turin. Located next to the Valentino Park, it contains an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, with an original interior design styled with 1970s objects and furniture. A perfect location to encourage young students from Turin and internationally renowned designers to discuss and philosophize about design culture. The curators of IN Residence - Design Dialogues are Barbara Brondi and Marco Raino’ and can be contacted at In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola In Residence Workshop 2011 photographed by Tullio Deorsola

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A small and cosy office in the heart of Torino. The old structure of building and the modern and minimal furniture together create a fascinating ambient.


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I like the british country style combined with some element of ultra modern minimalism... The natural colors help me to relax after a long working day.

Ornamental style

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A warm and colored ambient

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A minimal, with and cosy studio in the heart of London