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Momu’s main aim is the research of Design products verging on Art, following every step from their development and limited production to the worldwide distribution. Our philosophy is create true objects d’art, unique for being an exceptional union of craft and industrial production. Momu also offers its advice in out-fitting and interior renovation, and teams with galleries, foundations, architects and artists to create projects/objects always close to Art.

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Specialization Tables and chairs
Country Italy



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Untreated wood’s boards, discarded pieces of metal, for too long piled in our studio, getting in our way when we worked. A true, private release, freed from designer’s knowledge and rationality, which brings sittings unique and unreproducible for shape and proportions. Designer: Morra/Mussat Materials: Steel base with oak seating Dimensions: from 1000 to 1600x350 h410mm


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FRAME Playing with conjunctions, a bi-dimensional structure, useless at a first glance, becomes a versatile bookshelf. But only if connected with other components. Designer: Morra/Mussat Materials: steel frame and wood Dimensions: 980x2100x200 mm


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A bookcase you can take in a hand


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