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Graduated in interior design at the IED in Milan. I turned my web passion in work, actually web director at - an art direction studio.

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Collaborate yes
School IED design , Milano
Interest area Design
Style Modern, Minimal

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    Scrap wood installation at DreamBags JaguarShoes in London

    October, 9 2012 • 10:00

    DreamBags JaguarShoes is a local bar in Shoreditch (East London) which ‘rents out’ its space to artists and designers for temporary installations. During the London Design Festival, East London Furniture completely took over the bar, removed all furniture and replaced it with scrap materials found on the local streets.     Tables made from pallets and ceiling joists, benches inspired by Shaker furniture, skirting boards used for the throne-like seating booth, lightings made from recycled wooden blocks.     Christian Dillon, one of the East London Furniture designers, says “For us to have a show in the festival, where people are actually using the furniture to have a nice meal, a nice beer or chatting to a nice girl or guy is so much more interesting than a static display of our furniture”.       The installation will be there for the next two months. What are you waiting for, go and have a drink at the DreamBags JaguarShoes!   via Deezen

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    Not Wonder Store by Reiichi Ikeda

    October, 5 2012 • 10:00

    Japanese fashion brand Wonderland asked designer Reiichi Ikeda to create a shop inside the Not Wonder Store in Osaka. What came out was a small wooden house, surrounded by bare walls, simple wooden rails and tables. The use of bare timber makes the shop seem unfinished, though the minimalist design makes it spacious and airy.   Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda   Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda The inspiration for this design comes from the designer’s feeling that the inside and outside of the shop has no defined borders, thus maximising the effect of the existing elements.   Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda

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    The new Aesop shop in London

    October, 4 2012 • 10:00

    Aesop, the famous Australian beauty shop dedicated to hair, skin and body, has opened its fourth concept store in collaboration with Ciguë in the trendy Islington area in London.Ciguë, a group of six Parisian architects, recreated a traditional 1930s laboratory with metal shelves, the floors and cabinets made from wood sourced from a 200-year-old French monastery in the Basque countryside, the basins and work surfaces finished with polished marble.     All in all, the ambience created by Ciguë has a logical and pragmatic space design, which adds to the modest simplicity concept that has become a signature in Aesop’s shops.           I LOVE AESOP STORE!

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    Bar & Co by Joanna Laajisto in Helsinki

    October, 3 2012 • 10:00

    Bar & Co is located in a beautiful Renaissance Revival building in the heart of the city of Helsinky - designed by interior architect Joanna Laajisto.Specialized in fine wines and champagnes, the interior reflect this attention to refinement and quality made of simple things.   photo © Mikko Ryhänen4 separate rooms with a different theme for each one, that anyway have a common thread and create a consistent space. photo © Mikko Ryhänen   photo © Mikko Ryhänen   photo © Mikko Ryhänen   photo © Mikko Ryhänen   photo © Mikko Ryhänen   photo © Mikko Ryhänen

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    Papabubble shop in Yokohama, Japan

    September, 29 2012 • 10:00

    Papabubble is a shop in Jokohama, Japan, founded by a team of Caramels Artesans who started their business in Barcelona in 2004. The candies are all hand made and the production process is shown to the customers, becoming the main attraction of the shop. The shop resembles a laboratory, and shows off the finely presented hand made look of these experimental candies. Designed by Japanese designer Yusuke Seki in collaboration with Spanish designer and friend Jaime Hayon, the Yokohama branch is the third of its kind in Japan.      

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    Critter: the new topwork for Skitsch

    September, 26 2012 • 10:00

    "Critter is a free standing worktop which typologically stands in between a traditional kitchen and a primus stove kitchen. In the attempt to innovate by forecasting future scenarios, Critter undermines one of the last bulwark of the static domestic landscape.Infact even though this kitchen was born to be easily moved around and used outdoor, Critter winks at the house, looking forward to replace his domestic cousins"- Elia Mangia   The main structure is made by two beams of solid wood on which are assembled the legs and a series of freely interchangable modular accessories. The whole kitchen is completely demountable in a few fast and easy steps and is kept together by only 8 screws.   Elia Mangia is working together with Italian design company Skitsch to develop Critter for sale in the coming months.

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