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Piccolo Vegs for Pots

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Piccolo Vegs for Pots is a small seed company founded in 2012, near Venice, Italy. Our work, started as a passion, aims to select and sell heirloom, bizarre, rare seeds of vegetables varieties recommended for container growing. Everything started for fun, with Piccolo, in this Italy that has always had gardens in terraces with citruses and other plants in pots, flowers and leaves, and only a few vegs. Our game was to grow vegetables with the very same passion people normally have for ornamental plants. Dwarf type tomatoes, peppers, aubergines in miniature and all that can be adapted, with a little effort, to out-of-soil cultivation. As a result, we have found out many enthusiast terrace farmers and suppliers that are ever more equipped for the demand of varieties for pots. The step to take was short and we ourselves decided to offer seeds of those vegetables, by selecting dwarf types, compact habits, all suitable for balconies or boxes. So as to give many people the opportunity to take care of wonderful greenery on terrace. That is shape, chromaticism, beauty, besides juice and salt. With the aim to see more cultivated terraces and less empty balconies.

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