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Sabrina Fossi

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I’m a young Italian freelance industrial designer, passionate about all objects that characterize the domestic environment. I believe that everyday objects give significance to our lives and it is precise these minute shades of difference that distinguish objects from each other that enflame my interest. It is my opinion that the generation of new objects come into existence from the overlapping of different elements blended together forming their own, novel shapes.

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Birth date 23/06/1984
Job Freelance at Sabrina Fossi
Type Creative
School Polytechnic of Turin
Specialization Interior Design, Interior Design, Design of Everyday Things/Objects, Graphic Designer, Lighting design
Style Modern



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The shape of this table lamp is born from the idea to reduce the space occupied bythe object. The line around the bulb is very thin and has the shape of aclassic abat-jour. Its specific function is to highlight the core part of thelamp, the bulb. Thesource of light becomes the object’s core element and everything is builtaround it.