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Tomas Filippo Bordignon

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Tomas Filippo Bordignon was born in December 1985 in Marostica, Italy. After a first scientific education, he studied Industrial design at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan, where he lived for three years. After that he started working in Italy as a self-employed industrial designer. He did several collaborations with many Italian companies applying his style on various fields (e.g. light, furniture and bathroom design). He carried out many industrial design competitions with a sincere and constant dedication and he keeps working with the same passion on day by day basis. After having lived in Dublin, Ireland, where he led new experiences in the field of design, he returned to Italy, where he works as a freelancer.

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Birth date 17/12/1985
Type Creative
Philosophy Punto Soave is a simple graphic point, precise and elegant, which is transformed in the making. It’s material that is creating, mutability of ideas, materials and colors; assembly of emotions and experiences. It is proposed as a reality which open the door to dierent aspects of design and bring together the creativity of two designers from Bassano, Tomas F. Bordignon & Carlotta Simoncello. "Everyday we fight for a new point of view. Trying to design the world"
Style Modern, Fusion, Minimal



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Paciocco is an armchair in solid ash wood. The assembly of the structure is completely without screws, nails or glue, it is simply to draw. The sitting is suspended, to emulate the thrill you get when you relax in a hammock. Paciocco is a chair for the lazy.

Leggio Armchair

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The chair is designed for relax moment in the company of a good book. Inspired by "Dormitio" of Gio Ponti, it wanted to give something more: the wooden rod in the rear seat has a dual function:as to bookmark, as for carry itself. The seat is designed in solid beechwood lacquered. The side profiles are made from a single piece of aluminium.

Keep the time

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Stop chasing! Now you can check it with the first clock board to mark all your appointments!

Growing City

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Growing city is a table 150x150x50 black lacquered wood and glass. If you peeks inside you can see the classic silhouette of the city today.

Delivers light

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Floor lamp inspired form of a crane. Composed of elements of aluminum, modular and lacquered black. A lamp assembled almost a game, a first approach to design timeless. Allows 360° rotation with the base motive and the adjustment of the light.

Dublin Bus

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A symbol of Anglo-Saxon public mobility, an icon of our times: the Double-decker bus. Why Dublin Bus, then? Dublin Bus is born from admiration to this means of transport in the charming capital of Ireland, Dublin precisely. 100% recycled cardboard, container for use in play and customizable game, these are the characteristics that distinguish the Dublin bus project. Eco soul for a timeless game.