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Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She's passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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Birth date 05/06/2017
Style Minimal, Vintage, Modern


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Design Trends for the Millennial Generation

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According to marketing expert Ann Fishman, the millennial generation enters the fray with a well-developed sense of taste which involves fashion and style, but also wants good prices for good looks. Her marketing study that targeted millennial women has revealed that reused and recycled items, once popular in start-up apartments, just won’t work anymore. They want items with character that they can’t find anywhere else. Here are a few ideas that are close to millennials.
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Trilogy of styles

While one would find it hard to define a single millennial style portfolio, no one can argue that three styles that rule the generation are mid-century, Scandinavian and industrial. The pieces they choose don’t have to be signed – it’s just the look that is important. Alena Capra, a designer from South Florida who has worked on TV shows such as “Operation Build” says that industrial look with its mix of metal and wood elements is the most popular. Capra, who has many with millennial clients, says that they favour industry look for the whole setting, not just furniture, with wooden floor, exposed brick walls and bronze accents gaining popularity.
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All about the mix

Millennials have displayed an excellent grasp of this overwhelming trend. For this generation, mixing new and old, expensive and cheap, DIY and purchased comes natural. To Ashley Pritchard, a millennial working for a Denver-based communication company, an abundance of styles is as important as the origin of the item and the way it was made. If they cannot afford a designer armchair, a millennial will chose a trusted Ikea design, rather than a no-name, cheap one.
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Highly personalized

Having their limited budgets in mind, millennial’s sense of personalization doesn’t agree with decorating with expensive name brands, but rather with items that are hard to find elsewhere. YouTube channels and DIY TV shows instructing on how to paint, reconfigure and customize shelf pieces, are a vast source of inspiration. This concept has another root in millennial population. The social consciousness of visiting garage and yard sales and vintage shops is strong as it is the need of preserving limited resources.
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Online hunts

As an increasingly visual group, millennials spend hours scouring websites like Pinterest, Houzz, Remodlista, ThisOldHouse looking for the perfect idea for floor rugs that fit their room décor. Fishman explains how the hunt moves from researching what is best to finding a piece that would add a personal stamp. Still, some designers warn that what looked like a perfect match might turn into a short and unhappy relationship. Tricia Huntley from Huntley & Co, a designer from Washington D.C. points out that sometimes those tastefully arranged professional shots fail to meet a client’s actual home, lifestyle or budget.
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Sharing the comfort

Millennials are a highly social generation that likes to share and think about their friend’s needs, even if they live in cheap apartment in Chicago. In a design department, it translates into more spacious sofas, very popular sectionals and extended chaises. Lounging in front of TV and binge-watching is inseparable from millennial ways, so they want to cover these pieces with versatile faux-leather or microfiber that can endure food, drinks, pets and prolonged working-from-home sessions. Along with bigger lounging areas also come bigger club tables. Capra reveals that in bedroom choices, millennials prefer quality items like beds with upholstered headboard. Millennials are also known for a passion for minimalism and decluttering, so it`s always a better choice to look for a cheap self-storage unit, and keep the necessary “junk” off the home space.
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Artsy collections

Even though millennial budget often falls short of quality art, many of them have less costly collections of a sort. For Pritchard, it is a gallery wall of prints obtained from affordable sources like 20x200, a site established by Jen Bekman Projects and thrift-store catches. Others resort to online hubs for handmade objects, such as Etsy, which can create an interesting customized mix when combined with art inherited from parents or grandparents.
Millennials want affordable value and think realistically about what they can afford. Still, if you are looking to design a space that is appealing for millennial generation, you need to think as a storyteller and pick items that reveal your personal taste and have a history. Binding functional, modern designs with handmade craftsmanship is a great way to come up with personalized décor for the new generation.

Innovative Architectural Solutions for Small Bathrooms

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The space might be limited, but don’t allow your imagination to be.
Making smart decisions in small spaces seems like mission impossible, since it is quite challenging to balance practical with aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, people opt for either one, or the other.
But what if we told you that with the right set of tricks up your sleeve, you can get an eye-appealing bathroom in which claustrophobia will turn into comfort, and clutter into convenience? Here is how you do it:
enter image description here

Additional in-wall space

Sounds improbable? Not at all, actually, and the first secret we would like to reveal to you today is the additional 16 inches you will find hidden inside the bathroom walls. Here’s the catch – there are studs inside your walls that are usually 16 inches apart, and the depth of the stud itself, together with the drywall on the front, provides additional 4 inches of depth. Unless there’s plumbing, it is advisable to create niches next to your vanity and that way create a practical space to keep your most essential toiletries and towels. And dare we say it – the final look will give off a modern vibe and will add an amazing effect to the overall design.
enter image description here

Revealing the flooring

To free up some floor space, select the wall mounted amenities. When it comes to this type of toilet, the great thing about it is that the tank is usually built inside the wall, meaning that it uses the depth of the wall to reduce the amount of used bathroom space. Plus, you will get a few more inches of the floor, thus visually expanding the room. The same is with the vanity, and a wall mounted one will not only expand the room, but will also make it easier to clean the bathroom. Their greatest benefit is that they can be adequately placed in one of the corners that usually end up unused.
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Storage struggles

However, as a consequence, you can come across a few storage issues, but as we’ve already mentioned, protruding the walls can provide additional shelving. Still, you will hear many complaining they lack space to place all their cosmetic products anyways. If that is the case with you, we advise going with a mirror cabinet – your most essential items will be well-organized behind the mirror that will, so conveniently, open up the space by reflecting light.

enter image description here

Alternative bathing solutions

Furthermore, note that including an elegant and minimalistic freestanding bath can help you create a more open space. Their sleek and elegant design allows you to create a statement look, but what makes them so appealing is the fact that they are extremely practical - since freestanding tubs are fully finished from all angles, they can be placed wherever you find it most suitable in your small bathroom.
If, on the other hand, you are more pro-shower type, consider getting rid of the unappealing shower curtain that only cuts the size of the already cramped room. One of the best alternatives most go for are the glass shower doors that will not create that chopped-up feeling.

enter image description here

Stuck in a doorway

To claim as much space as possible, it would be wise to consider installing pocket doors that won’t take up even an inch of your space. The catch is in the fact that these doors have a small, circular depression to hold, what makes it possible to slide them into the wall almost completely. If there are pipes or electrical wiring within the wall, a barn door is a more suitable solution. In any case, you avoid constant banging into the bathroom amenities.

Now it is up to you to pick up the phone and get in touch with the contractor to see what’s possible in your case. We can’t wait to hear about the end result, so come back to tell us all about it and share some additional design ideas in the comment section!

5 Ways to Give Your Home an Elegant Look

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Designing an elegant and luxurious home isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. However, there are simple and easy ways you can make your home look high-end and elegant.

Elegant home

Go with minimalism

If you want to achieve elegance, remember that less is more. Some designers swear that the key to elegance lies in achieving a timeless, sophisticated design with simplicity. So, if that idea attracts you, you might want to opt for minimalism in your home. Choose objects and furniture that’s simple in design and make sure your living space in uncluttered. Probably the best thing about minimalism, aside from it looking smooth and elegant, is the effect it has on people. It’s very calming and it allows you to focus and unwind.

Seek help

Designing an elegant home, especially if you have absolutely no prior experience and no knowledge in the field, can be quite an undertaking. So, if you’re building your home from scratch, you should consult a reliable architect from Melbourne during the schematic design phase and tell them what exactly is that you want from your new home. Do you want your home to have an open space concept, do you want to have a lot of natural light, how many bathrooms do you need? The architect will listen to your demands and come up with a few schematic designs for you to choose from. This way, you’ll have a stylish and elegant home that also fits your wishes and needs perfectly.

Color palette

Pay attention to colors

Even experienced interior designers consider choosing the color palette the most difficult decision in home design. However, if elegance is your top priority, there are colors that are timeless and always look elegant in any space. Neutral colors such as white and gray simply breathe elegance and are very easy to incorporate into any space. If you want to use the color to freshen up your old home, you don’t even have to repaint the entire room. Painting just one wall the right color will completely change its look and dynamics, making it look more elegant and well-thought-out. Some dark and bold colors, such as maroon, navy and black are also very elegant when used in interior design. They instantly make the place feel more luxurious without actually breaking your budget. However, if you opt for these dark colors, make sure to add some accessories in the same color to make the space seem more cohesive.

One luxury element that stands out

If you can’t afford to have a complete makeover, you can invest in a single element that will attract attention and bring some extra luxury into your home. You can opt for a piece of furniture or art, a fireplace, a strong architectural detail, a luxe chandelier, an amazing view from your windows and much more. Just pick a focal point of your home and make it stand out. But, remember, you shouldn’t have two focal points. Always let one element take the precedence over the room and you’ll make the space feel and look more elegant in a blink of an eye.

Perfect accessories

Choose unique accessories

Interior designers say that what most homes lack are smart accessories, and that’s why those homes never look really elegant and luxe. Most people don’t accessorize because they think they must spend a lot of money to do it right, but that’s actually not true. Since the devil’s in the details, don’t forget to pay attention to even the smallest elements of your home. For instance, visit antique shops and get some high-quality drawer and door knobs. These will be super-cheap, yet still give your home those finishing touches that scream elegance. However, the fastest way to achieve timeless elegance is probably gold. For centuries, gold has been associated with wealth and sophistication, so invest in one golden or gilded item. Think in terms of a gold picture frame, mirror, sculpture, lamp or even a gilded coffee table!

So, don’t let your dream of having an elegant home stay just a dream. By following these tips you can turn your home into a high-end space you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

8 Ways of Making Your Bedroom Cozy and Soothing

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p>Even though bedrooms should be synonymous with comfort, we often tend to neglect that aspect and just worry about whether we opened the window this morning. Coziness and comfort are not just about having a huge bed with a soft blanket – there is just so much more you can do. Take a look at these 8 tips on how to turn your bedroom into a signature comfy heaven of yours.

Headboards are back

You wouldn’t believe what a difference can these bad boys make. You can opt for either contemporary or traditional ones depending on your bedroom’s overall design – whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake. Besides improving the comfort of your bed, headboards also give it structure, as well as aesthetic appeal, making your bed a centerpiece of the room. Plus, reading a book or watching TV in bed is now going to become a whole new experience. headboards

Consider adding a seating area

It would be a shame not to use the extra space in your bedroom to turn it into a seating area – especially if you have a large family. After all, even though a bedroom is called a bedroom, it doesn’t mean it is reserved only for the bed, right? Find a couple of comfy chaise lounges that match your bedroom style and treat yourself with a place for where you can enjoy some alone time, with a cup of tea and a good book. seating area

Keep it classy with a bed bench

Exactly. Even though it may seem like something you don’t actually need, once you get one, you will keep wondering how did you live without it. Bed benches are great for putting your shoes on, and they can serve as great storage space. In aesthetic terms, they are decorative and make the space seem a lot warmer. bed and bench

Play with the lighting

Sunlight is not the only light that can add warmth to the space. During the day, the sun should be more than enough to illuminate your room, but when the sun goes down, you are more than welcome to play around with various lighting fixtures.  Add some glamour to the space with a vintage chandelier, or keep it modern by installing contemporary ‘hidden lights’ underneath your bed, beside it or over it. Enhance the impact by adding an oversized full length mirror on the wall. Whichever lighting solution you opt for, make sure the tone of your lighting is warm and pleasant. bedroom lighting

Your mattress is your best friend – choose it wisely

Try to make your bed feel like a cloud you can’t wait to sink into. This is why you should definitely opt for a softer mattress, or even the one with memory foam. And if you think you will need to spend a fortune to get a new one – don’t despair, there is always a mattress sale somewhere. Finally, top it all off with a light duvet and two comfy plush pillows. quality mattress

Rug or carpeting

The smartest thing you can do is get rid of all the carpeting and install a sleek hardwood flooring. You will minimize the chance of allergies and achieve a clean and sophisticated look. But, you can never go wrong with a nice fuzzy area rug. Place it under your bed horizontally and make sure that the two parts are exposed equally on each side.


If you are lucky enough to own a spacious bedroom, make sure to add a few supersized elements in it in order to make it look bigger and cozier at the same time. Invest in things like large lamps, big bedside tables, blanket box, huge bedhead, etc.

A dressing table for the lady

At first sight, they may seem a little bit old-fashioned, but they are the ones that add a touch of glamor to your bedroom (while taking the smallest possible amount of space away). And we all know that glamour usually means comfort. Combine your metallic elements with a big mirror and a few matte details to make your hair brushing and makeup applying morning rituals more classy. something for the lady How do you like these ideas? Let us know.

Trending Kitchen Design Options

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Not so long ago, kitchen was only a place where dishes are stored and meals are prepared. Fast forward to 2017 and kitchen is much more than that. In fact, this room has become the focal point of every home, since that’s where families gather after a long day. This also means that trends regarding kitchen design are constantly emerging. And if you’ve been thinking about giving your kitchen a facelift, you’ll definitely want to stay on top of these. We’ve come up with 5 trending kitchen design options you’ll definitely want to check out.

Clutter-free worktops

Having worktops that are completely free of clutter is one of the emerging kitchen design trends. If you decide to follow this trend, you’ll, of course, be able to prepare meals at clear surface. Still, that’s not the only reason why clutter-free worktops have become such a trend. Clear worktops can also help you open up the space of your kitchen and create the illusion of a much bigger kitchen space. However, you’ll still need some extra cabinets or shelves where you’re going to store all of your kitchen clutter.

White cabinets

White was and still remains a huge favorite for kitchen cabinets. What makes white a perfect color for kitchen cabinets is its clean look, which can be very beneficial in cluttered spaces. White kitchen cabinets have proven to be timeless and we love them because they can match just any kitchen style. So, if you choose to remodel your kitchen right now, going for white cabinets is something you simply can’t go wrong with. If you want to go for something a bit different, you can always mix white with a wood finish or a few pops of an extra color.

Ceramic tile

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood is still a very popular choice. However, we keep seeing more and more homeowners opt for ceramic tile. Thanks to some new technologies, ceramic tile now come in many different sizes and designs which means they can match the style of just any home. Moreover, ceramic tile is easy to clean, which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen flooring. It’s also a good idea to mention that you can now get ceramic tile that resemble some other materials such as natural stone.

Modern appliances

There’s no point in giving your kitchen a makeover if you’re going to use old appliances. There are more and more great-looking appliances on the market and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think about updating yours. While some decide to stick with vintage style, choosing stainless steel appliances is your safest bet. Maytag dishwashers in stainless steel look absolutely amazing and getting one of these is guaranteed to do wonders for your kitchen. Another thing we recommend is getting a ceiling mounted range hood that is going to give your kitchen a more discreet look.

Large kitchen islands

If you have enough space in your kitchen, adding a kitchen island is always a good idea. This is especially the case if you and your family members tend to spend a lot of time together in your kitchen. A large island can provide you with extra storage cabinets while also serving as a dining or drinking bar. Homeowners today like the idea of having their kitchen island as large as possible. Those living in homes with open plan design sometimes even decide to have their island extend all the way into their living room.

Let these 5 options serve as design ideas for your kitchen renovation project. No matter which of them you opt for, you’ll be combining aesthetics and functionality to create your dream kitchen.

5 Stunning Modern Office Design Solutions

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Office design is extremely important. Not only that the way you design your office is going to have a huge effect on your clients’ perception of your business but it’s also going to impact your employees’ productivity. That said, it’s obvious that you’ll want to get your office design right from the start. And in order to be able to do this, you might want to check out our 5 stunning modern office design solutions.

enter image description here

Comfy furniture

Long gone are the days where an office was a place full of nothing but desks and chairs. Modern offices need to be comfy in order to help you and your employees make the most off of your workday. And there’s hardly a better way to make an office comfy than to introduce a few pieces of furniture in it. Still, these aren’t only going to help you get more things done. Modern comfy furniture is going to steal the show from all the PCs and other equipment and thus add some style into your office.

Natural elements

Right now, nature is playing a huge role in design. This means there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your office design. Reclaimed wood and natural artwork are just some of the things you can introduce into your office. Things like this are going to make your office feel cozy which is exactly what you should be aiming at. Of course, getting beautiful potted plants for your office is something you can never go wrong with. When it comes to choosing your potted plants, bear in mind that jade plants, philodendrons and umbrella trees tend to improve office environment.

enter image description here

Different textures

More and more business owners decide to use different textures when designing their office. This is the case because different textures have the ability to enhance the workplace and create an environment that influences productivity. Therefore, you might want to think about getting more creative with textures when designing your office. Integrating different textures into your office is quite easy, and you can do it by using fabrics and accessories. Using 3D art is another popular way to bring a “wow” factor into an office and it’s definitely something you should consider adding into your office.

Office workstations

If you’re looking to retain a sleek and contemporary look, getting office workstations is your safest bet. You can get these in multiple colors, designs and finishes, which means using them to make your office more stylish is a real piece of cake. Another great thing about office workstations is that these can help you achieve the overall look of cohesion in your office, which is a huge trend today. Cohesion will make your office look better and improve the flow and organization in it. You can now even get height adjustable workstations which means fitting these into your office is never going to be a problem.

enter image description here

Natural light

A typical workday lasts from 9 AM to 5 PM which means there’s plenty of ways to use natural light in your office. Of course, this is going to help you reduce your bills but it’s also going to add more style into your office. We recommend getting huge windows for your office that are going to allow you to introduce as much natural light as you want. Try to position your office furniture next to the windows so that the light helps you make these the central piece of your office. Moreover, this will allow your employees to enjoy the view while on their breaks.
No matter which if these 5 solutions you go for, you should be able to design a beautiful modern office. Just remember that there are new office design trends emerging every day and staying on top of these is never a bad idea.

Interior Color Tips for the Neutral-Obsessed

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Many people prefer to decorate their homes using neutral colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you are willing to go a step further, you can transform your home from just elegant and comforting to unique and amazing. This doesn’t require any expensive furniture or bold-colored accent walls, just a few decorative pieces and a right color combination. If this is something that interests you, here are some ways in which you can make your home truly stand out while focusing on the neutral color palette.
enter image description here

Introduce large art pieces

Adding a pop of color is a great way to spice up a neutral-colored room. You can introduce an element of surprise with a big, eye-catching art piece above your sofa or fireplace. Paintings are a great way to infuse some color and character into the neutral palette. You can hang one big painting, or you can get a painting that consists of a couple of canvases and hang them together to get one huge art piece. Such a decoration is guaranteed to make your room look like million bucks. Plus, if you choose orange or light yellow frames, you will also add a touch of warmth to the room.
enter image description here

The balance between warm and cool

Preferring neutral colors does not mean everything has to be beige or white. Sticking to just one color and tone is not exactly going to draw much attention, so try to add some contrast instead. The best thing you can do to make the colors work in your favor is balance warm and cool colors. Warm colors work great in the living room, so introduce some warmer-colored furniture pieces, like those offered by the furniture company Fancy Homes, and throw in a couple of rugs and pillows to warm the room up a bit more. Leather furniture also works great, as even one leather item can warm up the entire room. When it comes to cool colors, you can paint the walls blue to make the room seem larger and more open, and introduce some fashionable blue draperies to complete the design.
enter image description here

Add some texture and patterns

By adding some texture to your room, you will make it more modern and exciting since neutral tones appear as different colors when using various textures. The best way to achieve this is with rugs, window shades, and floor finishes. Patterns serve the same purpose – they make the space seem more dynamic, which is what most neutral rooms lack. You can introduce different patterns with accessories like pillows, ceramics, throw blankets, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around from time to time. After all, it’s your home, and you should decorate it to feel as such.
enter image description here

Don’t forget the lights

Another way to spice up your neutral-colored room is to add some warmth from above. For example, you can install a lighting fixture that can cast light from all angles. Also, mixing lamps of different sizes and colors with chandeliers and sconces will not only illuminate the space nicely but also enliven the whole room and add a sense of movement. Just don’t forget about the corners, they need some light as well. And to make them less dark and gloomy, you can always add a couple of plants in cream or yellow pots, which is another great way to brighten up the atmosphere.
enter image description here

How to work with beige

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite color, as long as you know how to use it correctly. So, instead of using the same shade for everything, focus on the layers. You can go from very light cream for the walls to dark tan for the blankets and pillows. Such a combination will make your room feel much more sophisticated and calming. Or, instead of using it as your base color, you can make it work as an accent one too. A darker beige can give depth to the room by highlighting the corners, and cream stripes are a great accent detail for any room.
An all neutral room can be everything but boring if you know how to combine the colors and make the best of them. All the usual rules apply, even when working with a neutral color palette – pay attention to lights, add some accessories, and focus on layering. If you follow these few steps, your home will definitely amaze all who step into it.

Kitchen Design Ideas You Shouldn't Miss Out on

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A kitchen of today is quickly becoming a social center of the home. Families are spending more and more time in their kitchens preparing delicious meals, nibbling straight from the fridge or just hanging out and making each other company. So, what can you do to improve your kitchen’s design and make it as practical, comfortable and beautiful as you can? Here are some of the best kitchen design ideas you shouldn’t miss out on during your next remodel.
enter image description here

Bold colors

Dark, bold and dramatic colors, such as dark plum, will be all the rage next year. It will be incorporated into everything from cabinets and islands to pots and pans, so don’t miss out on adding a few dark colored pieces in your kitchen. And interesting backsplash paired with these elements will look simply amazing.

A unique backsplash

White subway tiles are probably never going to go out of fashion, but if you want to be more original, you can consider creating your backsplash out of distressed-glass tiles. Their reflective surface will brighten up your kitchen, and create an illusion of a bigger and deeper space. Plus, they look quite interesting and unique. You can also opt for custom tiles. Some companies allow you to choose your own tile pattern and color. Once you create your perfect design, you can expect your tiles to come knocking at your door in about 6 weeks, so think in advance.
enter image description here

Warm blond wood

If you think your kitchen lacks warmth, add warm natural wood. Stick to lighter woods like white oak, birch and maple, and use them for countertops, cabinets or islands. If you only want to add a couple of details in warm wood, invest in a high-quality chopping board or knife block.

Luxury of gold

Rose gold, brass and copper are officially entering our kitchens in 2018, so think about giving your gadgets and hardware an update and get a few warm metallic accents. These metals are giving every kitchen a warm and luxe vibe and they go well with every kitchen style and cabinet color, so go for it.
enter image description here

Smart technologies

No kitchen of today can be complete without smart technologies that can help you with food prep and setting the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen via your smartphone. By smarting up your kitchen you’ll be able to control the temperature of your smart stove and fridge, control lighting and operate your cooking playlist. Some people also choose to mount a small screen or tablet into their kitchen to always stay up-to-date with their favorite TV shows and cooking tutorials.

Install a garage for your small appliances

This design trend will be especially attractive to people who love to have minimalist and clean, uncluttered spaces with plenty of workspace for food prep in their kitchen. By installing an appliance garage, you’ll get to hide all of your less attractive and bulky appliances and achieve a clean look. However, leave some of your appliances visible. For instance, show off the distinctive Italian design of your Delonghi coffee machine and kettle, and let them become the focal point of your kitchen.
enter image description here

Innovative taps

If you’re looking to update just one item in your kitchen, then go for your faucet. Today, there are so many shapes, finishes and materials you can choose from that can instantly improve the look of your kitchen. However, if you really want to go all-in with your taps, you can invest in innovative systems that will turn your tap water into sparkling water in a blink of an eye! Handy and stylish!
All of these design tips and trends are very useful and cost-effective, and they will certainly transform your kitchen from a beast into a real modern beauty. So, roll up your sleeves and get designin’!

Innovative Basement Redesign Ideas

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For many of us, the basement is just a hot mess. It is where we keep our old toys, forgotten expensive alcohol bottles, maybe even some tools and, of course, the laundry machine and its guardian – the scary ten-eyed monster with shark teeth and octopus tentacles that doesn’t allow your kids to help you with the laundry – even though they desperately want to (wink).

With that being said, you have probably figured out that turning this hot mess of a space into something useful can be quite an overwhelming task. Besides the mess, there are various factors that simply limit your possibilities, such as the lack of natural light and its position. However, with a little bit of effort, any basement can be turned into one of these four spaces – maybe even all of them together (if you have enough space in there, of course).

1. Home gym

Working out may or may not be your cup of tea, but we can all agree that the hardest part of it is actually showing up in your gym. It is just too hard to leave your couch after a long day of work. If this sounds relatable, you should definitely consider turning your boring basement into your personal workout center that will fit your needs entirely and motivate you constantly. This is also a great idea for those who prefer working out alone or just hate crowded places.

Depending on the size of the space, determine the type of equipment you will be using. Next, consider adding a new flooring. The best option would be rubber, with wall-to-wall carpeting for some extra flexibility and safety. Also, since there will be a lot of sweating going on, make sure the air is moving by installing a couple of overhead fans. Finally, add a special finishing touch by installing a big mirror that will ensure you are doing all the exercises correctly and will help you monitor your progress.

2. Playroom + game room

If you have kids but are lacking space for them, an underground playroom is the perfect solution for your basement. Another great part is that playrooms are both easy and inexpensive to put together because there are only a couple of key pieces needed, such as a bookshelf for books and toys, drawing table and a comfortable floor area where they can play. The rest is just the toys really. However, make sure you decorate this playroom with fun and different colors in order to spur their creativity.

On the other hand, who says only kids are allowed to play? No matter how small your basement may be, a children’s playroom can be fitted in just one corner, while the rest of the space can be used as an awesome game room for the adults as well as teenagers. Light up the space with a bunch of neon lights, paint it in bold colors such as black for a maximum impact, add a couple of comfortable sofas where you can lay back and play your favorite video games on a large screen and it is all done. The rest is up to you.

3. Your own creative space

If you have any sort of artsy passion such as music, drawing, writing etc. but nowhere to express it, your basement may be the perfect solution. Just make sure all the walls and floors are covered properly and that the wiring can handle your setup if you are aiming towards building a music studio, and if you are into art or writing, all you need is a desk, tools and quality lighting.

4. Extra bedroom

If you have many friends, note that you can never have too many bedrooms. If you need some extra space, note that basements are the perfect spots for tucking away another bedroom or two, that will provide your guests with some extra privacy. Finish it off with bedside lights, fluffy towels and a beautiful plush bedding that will make your visitors feel like they are at home. What do you think about these basement ideas? Do you have some more? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Modern Restaurant Designs

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People simply enjoy going to restaurants with classy and modern interiors. It is just so relaxing to have your meal and talk about your life while you are enjoying that pleasant atmosphere and admiring the designer solutions.

Roughly, there are two types of restaurants. They can be distinguished not only by the type of food they serve, but also the time of the day when they are visited. There are day restaurants that look more like places where you pop by for a quick snack and an instant coffee, and there are evening ones that are offering a huge range of wining and dining options and have a much more comfortable atmosphere. The second type is going to be the type we will write about in this article. Let’s have a closer look at what does one modern, classy restaurant have.

Exterior and entry area

When it comes to modern restaurants – everything counts. It has to be appealing on the outside just as much as it is on the inside. This is why it’s highly important that interior designers and architects work together to create outstanding outer areas and façades that will draw the customers.

A great and modern trick that brings the best of both worlds is to keep the space open to the public. Two words: shop window. When the pleasant atmosphere is visible from the outside, it simply draws people inside – this is why most of the restaurants lately tend to have a see-through façade on the street side.

Another common trick is to keep the outside as simple as possible – not only is the minimalism in right now, but also, people will focus on what’s inside much more easily. In other words, outdoor seating areas are usually covered with nothing more than a simple retractable roof pergola that is usually white or gray, and the façade is in a neutral color.

When it comes to the entry area, one thing every modern entry should be is definitely: welcoming. Hostess area should be right at the door, and the overall space should be spacious, simple and practical. The design should, of course, match both interior and exterior of a restaurant.

Dining area

As the most important area of a restaurant, one modern dining area has to have it all. When it comes to the overall design, wood, as well as the combination of industrial and vintage (like the Pizza East restaurant in London) are the ultimate trends. However, there are a few basic rules that need to be followed regardless of what’s trendy right now. The tables should be arranged in such a way to provide enough space between for the guests to enjoy some privacy but, at the same, time not too far away, since it will make the space look empty.

When it comes to lighting, depending on the overall vibe of the space, there are two options: dimmed or fully illuminated. Currently, it is all about hanging pendant lights, or installing them in a wall or a ceiling.

Drinking area

Currently, restaurants bars are all about the industrial look. In other words, this means: a lot of gray, bulb-like pendant lights above, metal chairs, simple wooden/metal bar with maybe a couple of red accents to keep things fun.


The kitchen is more important for the staff members than it is for the visitors, unless the restaurant features an open kitchen where guests can see how their food is prepared. This new trend is a great idea that can improve the image of the restaurant; the customers will be able to see the exact process of food preparation and know exactly what goes into their meals. The kitchen can be modernized with the help of various accessories and decorations such as antique pots hanging from the ceiling, pendant lights etc., but the most important part is that it is completely clean – at all times.


When it comes to restrooms, the most important part is that they are pleasant and comfortable. Also, their size will depend on the capacity of the restaurant itself. They should also feature similar design elements. However the restaurant is designed, there are a few modern touches that can give any restroom a modern vibe such as candles, rolled hand towels, round sinks and, you guessed it, pendant lights.

Did you suddenly get the urge to open up your own restaurant? Tell us in the comment section below.

Bring Peaceful Japanese Style into Your Interior Design

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Unburdened by too much color, furniture and embellishments, the Japanese-inspired design is all about achieving the perfect balance of elements and turning your space into a zen environment. Zen (both state of mind and the live-in space) promotes simplicity and emphasizes the importance of intuition and meditation. The main concept of Japanese design is called “Ma”, used to help create a home that’s calm, clear and uncluttered, and encourage an atmosphere that not only wonderful to live in but very inviting and pleasant for the visitors, too.

If you are looking to turn your home into a relaxed space by adopting the Japanese philosophy of interior design, read through the advice below to get inspired:

Invite the nature in

Japanese are all about respect and love for nature, and making nature a part of their homes is essential. For a real Japanese feel, add a few traditional Japanese plants in your home, like bamboo or bonsai (or both). You can also go with leafy, deep green plants, rich in texture and their visual impact. An orchid or a palm could work, while flowery plants should wait for some other time. Japanese appreciate simplicity: green, simple, natural.


Let the wood dominate

As Japanese are lovers of nature and everything that comes from it, it is no surprise that they let wood dominate their home interior. Most elements like screen grids, doors, frames, walls, etc. are made of wood and they are always cohesively incorporated with the rest of furniture. To give your home a more Japanese feel, replace the typically western types of wood like cypress, maple, red pine and hemlock with bamboo – it’ll look exotic and last long.

Include sliding doors and screens

Although screens and sliding doors have mainly become parts of Japanese interior for functionality purposes, they did become one of the staple interior design trends in Japanese aesthetics. A Shoji (an authentic Japanese screen) is part of every home in Japan, and it looks absolutely wonderful. Include one in your home instead of a door or a wall, use it to conceal an area or separate living zones.

Sliding Dors

Encourage natural lighting

If you were lucky enough to get a home with a lot of windows and natural light, your job is done. Unfortunately, most homes (whether we are talking apartments or actual houses) don’t have as many windows as we’d like which is why the inflow of natural light gets limited. The alternative? Artificial lighting properly placed and dimmed. The Japanese philosophy of a homey atmosphere is that it should be relaxing and never aggressive: this is why their indoor lighting either relies on the natural light or focuses on soft artificial lighting. Consult with an experienced 24 hour electrician to get the best advice on how to properly use the lighting to create a calming atmosphere in your home.


Design a Japanese entryway

Genkan, a.k.a. Japanese entryway is the entrance to a home where visitors are welcomed and greeted, and shoes removed. The visitors put slippers on or enter the home in their socks. Absolutely atypical for western homes, a genkan may bring an exceptionally interesting vibe into your home.

Consider adding water elements

Being a part of nature, water plays a huge role in the interior design of Japanese homes. The Japanese rely on water sounds to give them peace of mind and calm while they meditate, sleep or just go about their day. Usually, a Japanese home is never without a fish tank, an indoor fountain, a soaking tub, and similar water elements; so, if your space allows for such an upgrade, consider adding water elements into your home.

Go earthy

One of the elements typical for creating a zen feeling in a home is using neutral, earthy colors, i.e. colors that can be found in nature. Go with muted tones of moss green, chocolate, cream, nude and black for your furniture and/or your walls.

Japanese interior is a blend of order, love for natural beauty, balance and ancient customs. Follow the tips above to create the most beautiful Japanese-inspired home.

Trending Kitchen Design Ideas

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Are you bored with your old kitchen? Are you in love with a kitchen you spotted on TV or at a friend’s home, or are you just tired of the old colour scheme you’ve been seeing for years in your home? Whatever the reason may be, the hottest kitchen design trends are the perfect excuse to get on with renovations and redesigns and turn your dull kitchen into a modern work of art.
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First things first

Different interior designers and blogs dedicated to interior design are a great way to keep track of different trends and find inspiration. Pinterest and HGTV are always a good choice, as they allow you to browse different photos and find texts and instructions for different DIY projects you can do in your home. On the other hand, bringing in new appliances and cabinets can wait, as making sure your walls, floors, and plumbing are all fixed should be your priority. Call experts from Fix it Right Plumbing to take a look at your pipes and drains, make sure your stove and fridge are in impeccable order and that your walls are crack-free; only then will your kitchen be ready for a makeover.

Open shelves

People who have spacious kitchens have started using open shelves for keeping things such as spices, cookbooks, cutlery, or pans in line and within reach. This handy solution allows you to make a statement by keeping accessories or boxes with special teas and spices on the shelves for everyone to see them. It’s also a useful solution for people who like keeping greenery in the kitchen or who grow their own herbs and spices. Nice, colourful flower pots with thyme, basil, mint, and rosemary will make your kitchen more inviting and make the cooking process easier because you’ll have everything you need at hand.
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Hidden storage

Unlike open shelves, hidden storage is used to keep items stashed away until you need them once again. Hidden drawers and shelves are a great choice for people who live in small apartments and have tiny kitchens. When you don’t have a lot of space, every square foot counts, and keeping your bags, spices, cups, and plates ‘hidden’ will make the space look bigger and it will allow you to move around freely while you cook or clean. Handy, pull-out storage systems, internal drawers, as well as tall larder storage are all convenient solutions for crowded kitchens and you can implement these ideas into your own kitchen to create more space.

Bold colour schemes

There are several ways you can use bold colours in your kitchen, but the most popular approaches are so-called Scandinavian application as well as complete maximalism. Scandinavian designers are known for their love of neutral palettes to which they add pops of bright colours which make the space more alive and much more inviting. Complete maximalism, on the other hand, means that you will pick several different shades and clash them together; meaning you’re free to use pale turquoise and soft orange or bright pink and lime green to decorate your kitchen.
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Blue hues everywhere

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018 might be ‘ultraviolet’, but when it comes to kitchen designs, it seems that blue has taken over. The “it” colour of the last several seasons has been blue, and you can choose any shade and hue you like because they are all lovely. Turquoise, powder blue, cobalt, navy, and royal blue will make any kitchen look modern and elegant, and the best thing is that you don’t necessarily have to drown the space in it. Sometimes a small detail is all that you need: cabinet handles, flower pots, wallpaper or tiles with blue designs are eye-catching and dramatic, and truly make a statement in a home.

The heart of a home is its kitchen, as it allows you to express your creativity while cooking, it draws people in to keep you company or help you out, and it’s a natural gathering place where you will share a meal with the people you love. It’s understandable why you want this special space to look its best, and some of these ideas will help you bring your kitchen into 2018.

Modern Architectural Solutions for Outdoor Home Design

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Modern exterior design pulls together several different concepts, such as functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics, in creating a comprehensive whole aimed at inspiring peace, positivity, creativity, and serenity. By bringing aesthetics and functionality together, homeowners are able to enjoy their outdoor space both physically and emotionally, knowing that the timeless design is enriched with true efficiency and eco-friendliness.
Modern outdoor architecture is also characterised by a semi-minimalistic approach, exchanging cluttered outdoor spaces for clean, organised landscapes accentuated by functional furniture and structures. Here are some of the most exquisite modern architectural solutions for outdoor home design.
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A backyard lounge area

One of the pillars of a timeless exterior design is the backyard lounge area. Often depicted by a handful of furniture pieces and a simple garden table, the traditional backyard design has seen some major changes and updates. And it all began with the implementation of a structured layout.
Beginning from the patio or the back door, a modern design will feature a stone walkway ranging in colours and accentuating hues, boasting both fine and striking textures. The lounge area itself now resembles a small Odeon, with comfortable cushioning bringing comfort to the stylish stone design overlooking the landscape.

A contemporary pool house

The pool house is becoming an increasingly popular architectural concept in recent decades with the rise of the middle class, and the blossoming of the economy in numerous regions around the world. The pool house is a sort of a sanctuary, a private and intimate place to enjoy outside the house, encircled by nature, secluded from the world.
The modern pool house can serve a multitude of purposes, from a recreational to a leisure area, from a guesthouse, to an outdoor entertainment centre, the possibilities are numerous, The modern design aims to rekindle humankind’s relationship with nature, and thus boasts natural elements and materials throughout, accentuated by comfortable throws, and warm, intimate lighting.
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An elegant spa and pool area

One of the most important elements in any backyard or outdoor setting is the pool area. While traditional designs involving simple above ground pools are still popular, more contemporary designs are starting to take over as more aesthetically pleasing solutions.
In recent decades, architects and designers have begun integrating solutions and creating beautiful outdoor spa and pool areas using a multitude of materials, including wood, concrete, and the more modern fibreglass. These designs are usually brought together and form a single whole, but with each area easily accessible from the other unit.

Natural elements draped in modern accents

As mentioned earlier, modern architectural designs aim to rekindle the relationship with nature, however, they also pay special attention to landscaping and creating a harmonious picture where human-made and natural elements work together.
From raised stone garden beds, aesthetic stone garden walls that also serve as wind protection, to structures such as a pergola above the lounge area and a raised deck above the patio, these designs are created for the purpose of comfort, cohesion, and functionality.

Patio and outdoor kitchen design

Speaking of patios, the modern architectural approaches aim to improve upon the old patio concepts and bring forth increased functionality and comfort. To that end, numerous updates can be made in the patio area, from a stone grill, to a complete outdoor kitchen equipped with all the necessary amenities, and even a bar constructed from stone or wood, topped with marble.

The idea is to make the outdoor area an entity of its own, independent from the rest of the house and boasting all of the necessary equipment needed for comprehensive outdoor experience. Complementing the architecture of the patio and external structures with vibrant landscaping creates a unified picture.
Modern outdoor architecture is becoming increasingly popular across the globe due to its innovative designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to introduce some of these contemporary solutions into your outdoor space in order to transform your home’s exterior.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

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Are you bored with the way your home looks? Would you like to renovate and remodel it, even just for a bit? If you have a new project in mind, why not forget about old ideas and instead embrace something new – eco-friendly design? People have been shying away from this design in previous years because their choices were rather limited and usually the products they intended to buy would cost more than they were willing to pay. Luckily, today we have a great range of environmentally-friendly products that will turn your home into a green haven.
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Use natural materials

The best way to ensure that your entire household is eco-friendly is to use products and items made of natural (or at least recyclable) materials. This means fewer plastic and more glass bottles, cushions and carpets made of organic materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or bamboo, and cover your walls with environmentally-friendly paint. You can even use your old clothes to make exciting new items and decorations: pom-poms, produce bags, and quilts. Organic cotton and linen bed sheets and towels will ensure that you use only the best when it comes to your health, and it will also be good for the environment.

Pallet bed

Pallets are handy and incredibly practical, and what is best, they are also eco-friendly because you’re using them to create something new instead of throwing them away. They make the best DIY material and can be used to build pretty much anything from shelves and coffee tables to beds and crates. When you make a pallet bed, you’re actually making something that can be taken apart and moved quite easily and what is more, you will be saving plenty of money on expensive bed frames and head boards. This means that you will be able to invest a bit more into a high-quality mattress made of bamboo, organic cotton, or wool.

Green lighting

Having dozens of small lamps all over your home might seem like a charming idea, but it’s hardly green. Instead of spending more money on additional light fixtures, why not turn to nature and try to make the most of the natural light you already get? Not only will this be great for the environment, but for your wallet too, as you will save a few bucks on your electricity bill every month. By switching to LED lights and light-bulbs, you will also be able to save money on electricity, and installing an efficient skydome you will ensure that rooms in your home are well-lit at all times without you having to declare bankruptcy.

Natural floors

Flooring is very important, and we often pick the most convenient flooring option, disregarding the fact that it might not be the most environmentally friendly choice. Instead of using vinyl, you can try using stone or good old wood for your floors. Pick granite or marble for your floors, and you can even take it a step further and try making mosaics or different geometric shapes using differently coloured materials. Wooden parquet is also a safe choice as it is laminated flooring, and what is more, this option may even raise the value of your home on the market if you ever decide to sell it. The best thing is that wooden floors will certainly add more appeal to the overall interior design.

When you opt for eco-friendly design in your home, you won’t have to spend a fortune nor will you have a limited choice. People have begun to understand how important it is to take care of our environment and planet and so green products and eco-friendly designs have become more popular than ever.

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Luxury Home

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There’s nothing like good lighting to elevate and showcase the luxury of your home. Daylight is very important, and if you are doing a remodel, it might be worth it to consider adding more windows, or even a glass wall. However, artificial lighting is just as vital, particularly during the winter when nights are longer and even some gloomy days require us to turn on a lamp or two. Bad light can completely ruin the aesthetic impact of even the best interior design. Here are a few simple tips on how to best light your home.

enter image description here

First things first

Before you start your home lighting project, be aware that the practical part should be done by professionals. Installing lights is no joke. Dealing with electricity should be left to experts. In Australia, for instance, over 300 people per year get seriously injured (or worse) in preventable electric accidents. To ensure top quality and perfect safety, the best option is to hire a Sydney electrician.

Not every room is the same

It’s only logical that lighting your living room, your entrance hall, your kitchen and your bathroom will be completely different beasts. Kitchens require stronger light, so they should have a strong overhead light complemented with accents and even a task light. In bedrooms, avoid overhead lights just over the bed. No one wants to have a light shining straight into their eyes. Task lights are a priority in the bathroom, although you should be careful with their placement to avoid unflattering shadows. Dining rooms and entrance halls are usually the best rooms for dramatic, luxurious looking fixtures such as statement chandeliers.

enter image description here

Stack ‘em

Multiple sources are the way to go, if you want lighting that will get you the most out of your architecture, colors, materials and textures. It’s also vital that all of these lights are dimmable. For various occasions you might play with the intensity of different lights, dimming all or only some of them for a variety of effects. The lights should be placed at different levels, some overhead, others at eye or even floor level. Don’t go overboard with your statement fixtures. One is enough for smaller rooms. You can use several in a bigger room, but at a reasonable distance from each other. A rich lighting scheme with lots of layers will give you full customizability. Not only that – a combination of floor lamps, table lamps and pendants add a splash of interest to the room with their colors, textures and shapes.

Placement is key

To create a true masterpiece of lighting, always look for symmetry. Always spread your lights out evenly, measuring the distance between each light, as well as their distance from a objects in the room. Placement will also be influenced by your needs. If, for instance, you have a space where you love to read, or do crafts, that will be an important factor in your light choice. If you want to accentuate your paintings, your light choices will reflect that.

Consider your style

Your choice of light fixtures is not an independent project. On the contrary, you need to consider the general style of your interior design. For instance, formal, traditional spaces will benefit from opulent fixtures like crystal chandeliers. Sleek, modern homes with a more sparse, minimalist design approach should favor hidden LED lights and more discrete fixtures. The lighting should complement the other design elements. Sometimes, unconventional and counterintuitive examples of clashing styles can work too, but that takes a great designer eye.

Some might even argue that the right lighting is the most important element that will give warmth to your space, and transforming it from a mere house, to a real home.

How to Dress Your Home in Scandinavian Design

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How to Dress Your Home in Scandinavian Design

If you love minimalist design which brings tranquility to a home, then you are going to love the Scandinavian interior design. It is simple, it gives your home more space and it exudes elegance. So, if you are looking for a design that has been a trend for a few years now and it is here to stay, check out what features can guarantee your home a sleek Scandinavian design.

Light neutral colors

Since Scandinavian winters are long and dark, their interiors are usually decorated in light colors to keep the space bright. Also, the colors are soft and understated so they can make the home feel cohesive, uniform and welcoming. So, when picking the colors for your Scandi design, you should predominantly rely on white paired with details in light gray, beige, and egg-shell, accentuated with a few pieces in black.

neutral colors

Introduce wood

Scandinavian design loves wood, but not just any wood. It mostly uses light woods, such as beech, pine and ash, in order to slightly contrast the light colors, but still keep the space look bright. So, find the wood that suits your needs best and you can easily incorporate it through floors, wall art, cupboards or any other accessory or piece of furniture you desire.

wooden elements

Clutter-free spaces

Keeping a home clutter-free has always been a crucial aspect of Scandi design, mostly because in the past, Scandinavian homes used to be smaller. Thus, it wasn’t practical or possible to have too many things lying around. However, even though homes are bigger today, this design still asks for minimal clutter. So, make sure to provide enough storage space for all your things at home. Also, you should engage in some serious cleaning and throw out anything you don’t need any more. Additionally, in order to keep the space look clean and spacious consider minimalist furniture. Keep things simple in all the rooms by opting for simple chairs, tables, and sofas. You can even minimize the furniture further by getting rid of your bulky wardrobes. Instead, you can rely on trendy built in wardrobes from Brisbane to make sure there is enough space for foot traffic.

clutter free

Simple accents

Simple accents are related to the principle of neat and decluttered space. When it comes to decoration, keep in mind that it needs to be simple and minimal. If you wish, you can easily leave the walls bare and white. However, if you want to have some art hung up, then opt for simple wall art, and frame it into a metal or black frame. Also, you don’t have to shy away from leaving some areas in your home empty. On the other hand, if you want to put something in the corner of your room, you can opt for a simple gray sofa, simple metal lamp or an indoor plant.

simple accents

Let the light inside

Since Scandinavian homes can get dark, designers tend to let plenty of natural light inside, and that has become one of the important features of Scandi design. In order to achieve this, you should ditch any window treatments or rely on see-through and sheer curtains. Another useful trick is having a big mirror facing your window, so it can reflect the light and make your home feel spacious and well-lit.

natural light

Introduce plants

In order to contrast the neutral colors, simple furniture and clutter-free spaces you should bring inside some plants. They will breathe in some life and green and earthy colors will provide a nice contrast, while tying the whole look of Scandinavian design together.


As you can see it is not hard to achieve the Scandinavian interior design. All you have to do is rely on natural materials, minimalist furniture and accessories, as well as neutral soothing colors.

Colorful Living Room Designs

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With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to change up the look of your home a bit. One of the best and easiest ways to achieve a complete transformation without too much effort is undoubtedly the burst of colors. Start with your living room and then you can work your way around other rooms as well. Colorful personal environment can effectively boost your mood and energy, so take a look at some interesting and simple ways you can make your living room brighter and happier.
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The textured magic

Textures can definitely make the space warmer and more pleasant. And the best part of it all is how easy and effective adding textures to your living room can be. For starters, you can add more cushions or change the cushion covers with ones that are bright and colorful. A great look and comfortable seating! You can always choose a colorful throw for your sofa as well. But this is not all. When textures are concerned, you can also play with your rugs and curtains. Obviously, you don’t have to use every color of the rainbow in order to achieve a vibrant and positive environment that reminds you of spring. However, you have the power to mix and match different shades and hues with your textures, and match them to your walls and furniture for the best colorful effect.

Paint your walls

Speaking of walls, repainting them can truly refresh and brighten up your living space. If this is your first encounter with colorful paint, you can always opt for painting just one accent wall. It’s important to mention that skillful homeowners can deal with the painting process themselves, but if you’re not that confident, you can always hire top quality painting services – especially in case of really bright or pastel shades for your walls. Aside from single-color accent walls or one shade for the whole room, you also have the freedom to add various shapes and details; or play with self-adhesive wallpaper that simply screams spring!
enter image description here

Bring the nature inside!

Is there a better way to add color to your living room than to ask nature for help? You could have already started your nature-inspired living room design with flowery and leafy patterns on your cushions, curtains and walls, but introducing plants and flowers into your home can truly make any space more invigorating and add positive vibes. Not to mention the benefits of indoor plants for your well-being. In case you don’t like to keep flowers in a vase, you can always get plants that bloom or opt for faux flowers that almost look like a real thing.

Play with furniture design

If you crave to unleash some creativity, the following two ideas will be right up your alley. For starters, you can play with your furniture. If textures are not enough for you, you can reupholster older chairs and/or plain sofas using some interesting and colorful material. Moreover, you can repaint older pieces of furniture as well such as your coffee table and even your bookshelf. Add as much personality as you want. For example, when painting your bookshelf, you can use one shade for the inside and another for the outside. The results can be truly magnificent, personal and aesthetically pleasing.
enter image description here

Get your artist groove on>

You may be satisfied with repainting one wall in your living room but still feel like something’s missing. This is probably the right time to channel your inner artist and create some amazing and colorful pieces for your wall art. You don’t have to be the best artist in the world to create meaningful and personal art. Just relax, feel the paint with your soul and let your imagination do the rest. Aquarelle (watercolor) is especially popular when it comes to a springy colorful look, so don’t hesitate to try this technique. You never know what marble you’ll end up creating.
Adding color to your living room is not that difficult nor does it have to cost you a lot of time and money. However, it would be best to have at least a general idea about the colors and shades you’d like to combine so that you can properly focus on this project and enjoy every step of the way to colorfulness.

4 Kitchen Redesign Pitfalls

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Redesigning your kitchen is probably one of the hardest challenges during a home renovation. You will need to make sure that you have enough room for all appliances, that your plumbing is flawless, and so on. Furthermore, besides these technical things, you will need to be careful not to go overboard with the overall design and look of your kitchen. So, to help you avoid kitchen redesign pitfalls, we have put together a list of four suggestions.
enter image description here

Don’t go overboard with one material

The first rule of design is not to go overboard with one type of material. Sure, professional kitchens are mostly made out of stainless steel, but let’s face it; that doesn’t look too good. While stainless steel is easy to clean, having your entire kitchen made out of it will look ridiculous. Of course, this rule refers to all materials; even too much wood in a kitchen can be an eyesore.
So, make sure to mix things up. For example, your fridge and oven can be made out of stainless steel, but then you should install wooden cabinetry to balance things out. Additionally, make sure to break the monotony by using more than one colour; just be careful not to make a circus out of your kitchen.

Make sure that everything fits perfectly

Many people focus just on the visual side of the kitchen renovation. While looks are important, the functionality of the kitchen should always come first. That is why you should carefully measure every inch of your kitchen and ensure that everything fits perfectly.
The most common mistake people make when renovating their kitchen is not considering the space that drawers and cabinets need to open. Pay close attention to corners of the kitchen, as most mistakes happen in these areas. You would be surprised how many kitchens have this type of flaws. After all, you know how the saying goes, ‘Measure twice, and cut once.’
enter image description here

Update your plumbing

Another technical thing that many people neglect is cleaning or even replacing their pipes. Old households usually have outdated plumbing, which can clog up easily. So, while you are building your new countertop or installing cabinetry, you should inspect the pipes as well.
If you don’t want to encounter blocked sinks or drains, then you need to get those things cleaned by professionals. Additionally, some homes that are built before the 1990s can have galvanised pipes that are prone to corrosion. That means you will have to replace them with the modern PVC ones.

The balance between cabinets and shelves

Finally, you need to find a balance between shelves and cabinets. Even though shelves are much more practical and require less work to install, they do break some design rules. The main problem with shelves is that they put every mug, plate, spice, etc. on display. As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming and your kitchen will always look cluttered and dirty.
Therefore, you should mix shelves with cabinets. The general rule is to put things that you use the most and that you want to display on the shelves. On the other hand, all those boring pots and pans can go into a cabinet. This will streamline the look of your kitchen, and help you highlight items that you are proud of.
enter image description here
As you can see, redesigning a kitchen is all about striking a balance between functionality and looks. While people tend to focus more on the visuals, if you don’t design your kitchen with ease-of-use in mind, you will have a hard time enjoying using it.

Redesign Your Basement into a Homeschool Space

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Homeschooling is a trend spreading across the globe. It is rapidly changing the entrenched notions of what education should look like. The only problem is that schooling at a kitchen table is not the best way to pass on knowledge. What you need is a dedicated, well-designed space. So, take a look around your household.

It may be hard to imagine a homeschool fitting anywhere, but how about a basement? This is one of the most common conversion projects you can handle on a budget. So, it is time to get inspired and roll up your sleeves. You have a chance to create a functional, comfortable, and inspiring zone for learning, playing, and growing.

The spadework

The good thing about basements is that they are usually big enough to accommodate multiple desks, bookcases, and everything else that makes or breaks a homeschool. However, they also have some possible drawbacks you should be aware of.

For instance, they tend to be damp areas with issues like mold. So, to set the stage, you should first do a thorough inspection. See if there are any plumbing leaks and similar problems. Also, makes sure that the basement is not too cold. You might have to insulate the space better in order to have an optimal indoor temperature.

Next, divide the area into different sections based on their function. This will help you maintain an organized homeschool, even when a bunch of rowdy kids show up. Note that you can go for an open floor plan, which is all the rage these days, and use space dividers instead of walls. One great solution is to place tall bookshelves strategically, to separate one area from another.

Staples of functionality

Of course, the primary purpose of additions like shelves is to hold all the books you need for classes. This brings us back to the point of functionality, which is always a top priority. Vertical storage is a great way to maximize the basement space you have available. Just group books in different sections and label them. Use smaller storage tools like magazine holders and bins to set order to individual kids’ school books and notepads.

Furthermore, bear in mind that it would be preferable to have natural lighting in the basement. Its rejuvenating presence will have a positive effect on kids’ concentration and mood. But, if that is not the case and you lack large windows, you need a smart artificial lighting plan. Employ multiple sources of light (overhead, task, lamps…) to provide usability and support learning activities. Done right, lighting can also highlight your strong design points.

Adding furniture

Furniture is the mainstay of any classroom.  If you ask me, it might be a good idea to ditch old and clunky pieces you have around. I have seen many homeschools in Australia purchasing quality classroom furniture in Sydney and other major cities. Across this vast country, homeschooling is gaining traction and the number of children registered for it is growing at a steady rate. Parents see this as a way to avoid school problems like bullying and are prepared to invest quite a bit to make it happen.

You do not have to break the bank, but ideally, you should allocate a desk to each child. Try to think multi-purpose and obtain versatile furniture. Consider a lap desk that can be moved around easily and serve as a small table for children. You can also go for IKEA workstations that have built-in storage and kill two birds with one stone. Feel free to add some more comfort in the form of puffy chairs and throw pillows. Kids will adore cozying up with a book or a toy there.  

Finally, once that is sorted out, you can address the visual side of things, the decor. Here, you are free to let your imagination run wild. Kids like bright colors, but it would not be wise to make the space feel too overwhelming and distracting. Whatever you do, you should really have fun decorating.

Base of school operations

Basement is the ideal candidate for a homeschool remodel, provided that you invest thought, effort, and money in designing it. Everything has a place and should be in its place. So, plan the key aspects such as the floor plan, lighting design, and furniture placement.

Get your creative juices flowing and make things interesting and enjoyable and transform your basement in a lovely homeschool area. Of course, you can make it right for your family as well.  After all, a great homeschool can easily become a hangout and media room once the work is done and fun can begin.

7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Dreamy Spa

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The bathroom is one of the few rooms in our home where we go out of necessity and that’s why we rarely give it enough attention when it comes to interior design. But, did you know that you can spruce up your bathroom to come close to the most elegant spas in the world? This way, you will be able to enjoy every minute you spend in your bathroom and use it as your sanctuary where you will de-stress, relax, and get away from the hectic life we are all living these days. If we’ve managed to catch your attention, here are a few ways you can turn your bathroom into a dreamy spa.


Make it minimalistic

The concept of a spa is associated with health and serenity. As such, it defies everything that is overwhelming for the human eye, and thus mind. Therefore, the first step toward creating your spa bathroom is relieving it of all the unnecessary items that are creating clutter. This means you should store the things you are not using on a daily basis out of sight (possibly even in a different room). As for the ones you need every day, you can use them as décor. For example, by using the same brand of toiletries in similar well-designed packages, you will already have décor elements which are both functional and beautiful.

A soothing color palette

Continuing with the “serenity” topic, a spa bathroom needs to have a color palette that is restful for the eyes, so no black tile, please. The colors that work well in such surroundings are light gray, white, beige and similar mild neutrals. You can introduce them through tiles, shower curtains, vanity, shelves, towels, etc.

A place to soak in

The biggest perk of having a spa bathroom is being able to soak in a warm bubble bath for at least half an hour. Don’t have a bathtub? Don’t worry. Any well-equipped bathroom warehouse in Sydney, for example, has a wide range of bathtubs from claw foot to stone tubs that can be acquired at excellent prices. The tub should be large enough that you are able to lie comfortably. A rainfall showerhead is a nice addition.

Natural elements

A huge part of the spa concept is about reconnecting with nature, and you can’t do that in a cold sterile room. That’s why you need natural materials to make the place warmer and more pleasant. The materials you should consider are wood, stone and clay. The ways to implement them are through accessories such as a bathtub tray (for holding candles, flowers, books, and why not, a glass of wine), decorations, mirror frames, accessories, etc.

Green it up

Speaking of nature… According to Psychology Today, the presence of potted plants in the indoor area can lower stress and anxiety and improve general wellbeing. This is the reason why your new spa bathroom needs several houseplants. However, an environment with temperature fluctuations and high-humidity is not a place where every type of plant can thrive. Some of the best plants for such surroundings are bamboo, aloe vera, bromeliads, begonias, crotons, orchids, ferns, and peace lilies.

Set the mood

Imagine this: you’ve made a nice warm bath, you have your book and your glass of wine, but something is missing. What is that? Well, candles, of course. Scented candles are there to create a relaxing ambiance and provide you exactly as much light you need to be in a blissful mood. You can also take it up a notch and introduce essential oils and an aromatherapy diffuser. Also, you can bring in some natural scents with a vase of fresh flowers.

Finish up

For the final touches, it is time to sprinkle some magic all over the place. Do that with a set of unique towels made of organic materials that will be just for you. Choose towels in soothing neutral colors. For snuggly lounging after the bath, get a velvety cotton velour bathrobe. Keep your spa goodies (toiletries) in a nice decorative basket. Invest in a large mirror that will add depth and elegance to the space, and a soft shaggy bath mat to have a warm place to land on.

Now, all that is left to do is relax and enjoy the fruits of your work. You earned it.

Home Gym Design Trends

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Fitness and wellness trends have transformed modern lifestyles, especially among the Millennial generation. Such great importance of health and personal well-being has led a great number of individuals to turn to healthier habits, balanced diets and regular exercise. However, since busy schedules don’t always have enough room for regular gym visits, homeowners have decided to bring the gym to them along with the most popular home gym trends.
enter image description here

Activity-based areas

While a traditionally equipped gym is always a classic, the modern home gym features specialised activity- and sport-based areas that enable homeowners to practice their favourite activities, have fun and get fit. Over the recent years, a few specific types of workout have come to the forefront, shaping the looks of home gym designs. In particular, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has gained enormous popularity, which has led numerous individuals to design HIIT zones in their home gyms. This entails designing a flexible space that will be suitable for training rigs, circuits and a range of activities focusing on plyometric, functional and agility movements. Other key features include free weights, kettlebells, ropes, cardio machines, etc.
Home gym designs will also provide owners with an opportunity to engage in their favourite sports. Those who love playing basketball, table tennis or some other sport can equip their gyms with everything they need to enjoy it at home.

Lighting makes it right

As in every other room, lighting plays a crucial role in promoting the functionality of and creating a particular atmosphere in a space. In the home gym, lighting should be flexible and versatile. Track lighting is one of the most popular trends in the modern home gym owing to its flexibility. It can be easily moved around depending on the gym layout, so if owners decide to switch things up, they can do it almost effortlessly. LED lights are also a great solution for a home gym since they don’t give off a lot of heat unlike the regular incandescent lights. In addition, LEDs come in a variety of light temperatures, enabling owners to pick the one they find the most suitable. However, white LED bulbs might be the most appropriate as they are similar to natural light, so they will illuminate a home gym properly.
enter image description here

Equipment is the key

High-quality equipment is one of the most important elements in a home gym. When furnishing a home gym, owners should implement top exercise equipment that will enable them to build strength, enhance endurance and activate different muscle groups. Multifunctional workout machines that can work one’s legs, arms, chest and others body parts are among the most popular solutions because they provide owners with a comprehensive workout session.
Proper gym flooring is another important element that often passes overlooked, but plays an important role in furnishing a home gym. It’s an accessory that should handle heavy duty equipment, such as bikes, treadmills, weight benches, etc. Nonslip rubber flooring is the most effective solution that can keep the equipment in place. Easy maintenance and durability are also important aspects to consider when it comes choosing gym flooring.

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

There’s a reason why all the gyms are equipped with mirrors. They are an essential piece of equipment that enables individuals to monitor their movements and form while also minimising the risk of injury. Furthermore, mirrors can be excellent motivation boosters as they provide individuals with an opportunity to track their progress and see how their bodies are changing. When introducing mirrors to their home gyms, owners should choose large ones so that they could see themselves entirely.
These home gym trends are essential elements that will enhance owners’ performance and provide them with a fun, versatile and functional workout area where they can achieve the best results.

Office Designs That Will Mark 2018

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Lately, one of the things that have the most influence on employees, employers and businesses is technology. It allows people to work faster, smarter and easier which is beneficial for both the company and the individual themselves. The key is to let tech solve various problems like collaboration, communication, project sharing, management and other business elements people in the past struggled with. A few very important ways to integrate tech into the office is to install presentation screens, video conference options, smartboards, easy data sharing and even wireless charging stations!

Dynamic and open spaces

Like in the past few years, dynamic offices are still going strong with more and more companies getting on board with the idea. One of the most distinguishing features of this design type is minimal restrictions — the workers have a freedom to move away from their desk, meet with co-workers and collaborate. Additionally, you can forget about claustrophobic cubicles and get used to open spaces that promote the sense of unity, community and transparency in the office. Soon, there will be no closed conference rooms or tiny cubicles — it will all be replaced by more collaborative and social spaces. The year 2018, however, still has an affinity for walls, but they are in the form of dividers, living walls, wooden slats or acoustic panels.


This trend goes hand-in-hand with open spaces, but it sort of takes it even further. Hot-desking is an environment where workers don’t have their own desk but are allowed to sit and work wherever they find practical at the time. This practice not only offers workers the feeling of freedom, but it also encourages connections, collaborations, assistance and communications among co-workers. Of course, there is a variety of different communal spaces with different levels of privacy that will fit workers’ needs depending on their mood and task at hand. There are practical office furniture solutions for businesses of all sizes on the market from communal tables, round meeting tables and small standing desks to corner workstations and booths surrounded by privacy screens. There’s something for everyone!
enter image description here


As we stray further from nature, we get a stronger desire to go back to it. So, in 2018, you’ll be able to see many natural elements in office spaces. The biophilic design tries to introduce natural patterns, forms and elements into the overall design of the space. Biophilia is especially beneficial in very urban areas where there is no nature available to work its magic on workers (the effect of nature is very positive both from physical and psychological standpoint). That’s why management is installing glass panels to boost natural lighting, planting greenery to regulate stress levels and oxygen levels, and painting the space in natural colors to further introduce nature into the office.

Amazing break rooms

Ever since the creation of first offices, employees had a special place at their disposal where they could unwind, grab a cup of coffee and eat lunch away from their workstations. Today, these humble break rooms are turned into full-blown cafes, kitchens or playrooms! These are completely separated areas that don’t even resemble anything that has got to do with work. However, they offer high levels of relaxation, communication with colleagues and even power nap spots! And, those who need to get their blood flowing in order to work better can have a quick game of table tennis or one-on-one basketball match in their playroom.
So, to sum up, in 2018 companies will continue to work on improving their offices and making them more comfortable, stress-free and fun. We are certainly curious what will happen to office design in the next couple of years!

Home Theatre Design Inspiration

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Nowadays, the popularity of home theatres rapidly increased. Thanks to that, currently these spaces are much more sophisticated, functional and high-tech. And even though the basic ‘TV and a seating area’ design is quite simple and logical, it is up to you to personalize that space and make it look great, as well as increase quality of sound and video. All you need is a little bit of inspiration. Listed below are a couple of cool home theater design ideas that may help you decide what will you do with your home theater. Enjoy.
enter image description here


Are you and your friends Star Wars fanatics? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider turning your home theatre into a sci-fi paradise. The first thing you should start with are the walls. Depending on your personal preferences you can either go with some dope wallpapers, or go monochrome. However, note that the basic colors of science fiction are black, purple, blue and grey, and since this is a theater, the darker the walls, the better the focus on the screen.
You can also add a couple of wall installations inspired by your favorite movies. For example you can frame your big screen with a custom made Stargate construction – it will make quite an impact.
When it comes to the lighting, probably the best choice is starlit sky in order to imitate space itself.
The rest is really up to you, however, in order to really follow that spacey vibe, make sure you stick to the color scheme.

Louis the 14th

We all want to feel like royalty every now and then. And your perfect custom home theatre is the best place for it. First, let’s start off with the colors. The main colors of a royal interior are definitely gold and red. So classic, but yet so effective. However, leather is off limits. In order to really get that Vienna castle vibe, the main material for your furniture should be something ‘softer’ such as corduroy, for example. Next, you’ll be needing some simple but at the same time effective wallpapers – so go with something classic, such as any type of French pattern.
When it comes to lighting, thrift and vintage shops are your best friend, since there you can find all kinds of vintage wall lamps that will go great with your royal-ish interior.
enter image description here


You may not be into contemporary design, and you may not still feel ready to jump straight into middle century, so the logical solution would be, you guessed it – hello 80s. I personally think of 80s as the golden time of the movie industry. The 80s had it all – sci-fi, popcorn, roller skates, hairspray. So cover your floor with classic black and white linoleum tiles, add a vintage popcorn machine and play around with colors and furniture. Embrace the red leather and metallic details, as well as neon lights and vintage posters.


Some of us simply don’t like wild decorations and want their movie experience completely uninterrupted. Solution? Go fully monochromatic and contemporary. Find one color and stick to it all the way, from floor to ceiling. Break the monotony with a couple of necessary decorations such as pillows and a framed picture or two and that’s it. And the good news? When the room is monochromatic, you can go wild with the lighting fixtures. And if you decide to go with a light color such as white or beige, you can install lights that change colors so you can change the color of an entire room with just one switch (wink).


Who says your movie theater should only be for movies? In your home, you are the one who makes the rules. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? Maybe you are into pool, or poker – feel free to proudly display your ‘tables’ in your movie theater. Also, it can be a game room, and if you equip it with foldable sofas, it can be an extra guest room. You can also add a kid’s corner in there with an activity table and toys, or a bookshelf and turn it into a private library during the day and a movie paradise during the night. The choice is up to you.
What do you think about these ideas? Do you have some more? Let me know in the comment section below.

Luxury Home Construction Must-Haves

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There are a lot of homes on the market today marked as ‘luxury,’ but what defines a luxurious home? This term has been used to label everything from the high-end buildings of the world’s wealthiest people to a modest kitchen with brand new appliances. While it is true that a deluxe house doesn’t have to be a villa or a castle, some standards need to be met to call something a luxury construction. Here are some must-haves for luxury construction.

enter image description here

>Minimal environmental footprint

Modern construction is turning more and more to eco-friendly renewable materials for everything from foundations to flooring. There is a tendency of sustainable construction in mid-range projects too, but it is the high-end building that is pushing this movement forward. This reflects not only on the property’s environmental footprint but also on its appearance. Many luxury houses showcase nature as a part of décor through exposed wooden beams, brick fireplaces, and other reclaimed materials that add a rustic look to the interior and exterior.

Smart house automation

Technology is becoming increasingly important in our day-to-day lives, and luxury home buyers are leading the trend of smart home automation. It is estimated that this market’s revenue worldwide will grow to 58.58 billion US dollars in 2020. The all-included system will provide homeowners with security, entertainment centers, temperature controls, integrated green technology and more – all of this possible to control using a smartphone app or even a voice command.

enter image description here

Walk-in closets

A walk-in closet is one of the most sought-after features for shoppers with deep pockets, but it is also becoming a must for many average home buyers. This glamorous addition enriches the property with unparalleled convenience of the additional storage space. Furthermore, it becomes a showpiece feature of the home. Even though these lavish wardrobes have been around for as long as we remember, there are some trends that will shape the demands of the market this year, as well as the years to come. Some of the walk-in’s must-haves are LED lighting, solar tubes, shoe walls, frosted glass doors on closet cabinets, houseplants as décor and man cave closets.

A room with a view

A gorgeous panoramic view is one of the most coveted accessories in the luxury real estate market. However, in many larger cities, this fascinating view is often obstructed by crowded traffic areas and concrete buildings. That’s why reputable luxury home builders in Sydney had to craft a skill of concealing undesirable disturbances, and masking them with infinity-edge pools, walls of glass, plants, and similar to provide buyers with the dream-like cityscape or nature’s haven. This trend goes hand in hand with the indoor-outdoor harmony we are breeding the last couple of years.

A specific place for hobbies and passions

While the average home buyer continues downsizing to save money and lead a more practical life, the high-end buyer takes it one step further by adding an extra room (or more of them) for their hobbies and interests. Depending on the homeowners themselves, that extra room can come in the form of a private gym, a wine cellar or a wine tasting room, home theatre, a fully-equipped library, spa bathroom, a game room, a yoga studio, or whatever your heart desires.

In luxury home construction, it is vital to provide plentiful of room to meet all the owners’ needs, but also to use every inch of the space in a way that makes the property convenient and effortless to live in. Furthermore, it is relevant to provide opportunities to perform various entertaining and relaxing activities. Last, but not the least, a high-end property must comply to some interior and exterior trends, but at the same time, meet the standards of timeless design.

5 Steps for Creating a Functional and Adaptable Outdoor Kitchen

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Being blessed with your own outdoor space is one of the best things in the world. This area not only allows you to spend some quality time in nature (but at home) but it also leaves room for completely changing your day to day habits, especially if you live somewhere where the weather is pleasant and sunny more or less all year round.

What we’re trying to say is that, if you do have your own outdoor space, you can relocate some of the everyday activities – like meal prepping and eating – there and enjoy them to the max. Let’s check out some of the ideas for creating a functional and adaptable outdoor kitchen and dining area.

enter image description here

Step 1 – choose a footprint

When determining the footprint for your outdoor kitchen, you should try to keep it functional but compact. There are four most common footprint layouts you can choose from and they include linear, L-shaped, U-shaped and island footprint. All four of these have their flaws and perks, so you’ll need to determine which one would work best in your backyard.

Consider all the appliances and areas you want to include in your outdoor kitchen to make choosing the layout easier. If you want to have only a grilling station and a sink, you really don’t need a U-shaped layout, but if you wish to include a stove, coolers and even a prep counter, this layout is probably the best way to go.

Step 2 – choose the right appliances

Once you’ve determined the layout, it’s time to move onto choosing the right appliances. The size of the appliances you choose will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen area. Therefore, when selecting, try to go for adaptable and all-in-one appliances whenever possible, to maximize their usefulness and minimize the space needed.

Also, make sure you always choose appliances made particularly for outdoor kitchens because they are sturdier and will withstand the elements much easier than appliances made for indoor use would. Keep in mind that high-quality and reliable appliances will initially cost a bit more, but at least you won’t have to replace them every year.

Step 3 – take care of the installations

Now that you have the layout determined and the appliances bought, you should take care of installations. Installing electricity, water and reliable new gas connection are the tasks that are better left to professionals, no matter how skillful you think you are.

If not done right, all of these can cause some serious damage and can significantly endanger your and your family’s safety, so instead of risking it, better play it safe.

enter image description here

Step 4 – add furniture

The outdoor kitchen area itself should be a fixed construction but the furniture in your dining area can consist of foldable and multi-purpose pieces. Some people think that by getting the foldable furniture pieces they will be compromising the overall aesthetic appeal of the area, but that’s definitely not the case.

Since everything is located outdoors, by using foldable wooden furniture pieces, you will create that fancy picnicky vibe and you’ll be able to store and move all the furniture pieces away quickly in case of sudden rains or storms. Furthermore, by choosing this alternative you’ll avoid having your furniture pieces exposed to elements all year round which will significantly expand their lifespan. Finally, you can simply fold and store away the furniture if you need the space it occupies for something else.

Step 5 – take the indoor comfort out

Finally, if you want to make sure that you stay unaffected by weather conditions while using your outdoor kitchen, you can build a pergola or a tall roof over the entire area. This will not only protect you from the rain, but it will also provide shelter from direct sun and heat.

Further, you can add netting or sheer curtains around the dining area to keep mosquitoes and other pesky insects at bay while enjoying your meal. Finally, you can even install heat lamps of a fire pit that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen and dining area even when the weather is a bit colder.

As you can see, creating an outdoor kitchen area is not that difficult. The only things you should really pay attention to are the electricity and gas installations because they can significantly jeopardize everyone’s safety if not done right. With everything else, you can let your imagination run wild, and create a beautiful area where you’ll enjoy spending time with your friends and family.

How to End Up with a Fabulous Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

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In the past couple of years, rooms that were usually neglected in terms of design – the kitchen and the bathroom – finally got their place in the limelight. Creating an amazing kitchen really is a piece of cake if you don’t have to worry about your budget. However, if your budget is limited, you will need to prioritize. But, don’t despair, there are ways you can create something truly fabulous without breaking the bank. Read on for some fun ideas.

Upgrades you can skimp on – aesthetic upgrades:

enter image description here


If you no longer like your cabinets, you can always refurbish them, instead of buying new ones. One cheap, but fun option would be to change the color of your cabinets. Also, you can replace your old cabinet doors with plexiglass or glass doors - maybe not so cheap as the first option, but definitely equally interesting. However, for a true wow effect, consider removing the doors altogether. By doing this and painting your cabinets in a dark shade, you will turn them from a functional piece of kitchen furniture into a bold statement piece.
enter image description here


There really is no need to go crazy with wall upgrades if you’re no longer in love with the ones you currently have. Instead of completely repainting your kitchen and making other expensive upgrades, simply adding an interesting backsplash will be more than enough. So, let your imagination run wild and come up with a design that will show off your personality and taste. You can even make this into a DIY project, which will make it that more special. Whatever you do, just make sure that the final result makes a real statement.

Upgrades you should never skimp on – functionality upgrades:


Remodeling the entire kitchen without first checking the state of your pipes is an extremely reckless move. Therefore, before you start applying makeup to your kitchen’s face make sure you’ve first washed it and took care of the foundation. If you live in the area where plumbing problems are a dime a dozen, you should ask experts to inspect your pipes before you get down to decorating. If there actually is something wrong with your pipes, know that there are some less intrusive solutions you can opt for. For example, Aussies really do have a lot of problems with plumbing, so it’s no wonder that professional pipe relining in Sydney is so sought-after.
enter image description here


If you have already decided to upgrade your kitchen, consider replacing all of your old appliances with new energy-efficient alternatives. Yes, this upgrade will cost a bit more initially, but thanks to their energy efficiency, it will pay off significantly in the long run. Also, modern appliances are very versatile, which means you’ll have no problem finding something that will fit in perfectly with your new kitchen.
enter image description here

Top it all off with proper lighting

Finally, to maximize the effect of all the previous upgrades, consider upgrading your lighting as well. The manner in which the room is lit says a lot about its function so keep that in mind when considering lighting sources and solutions. An overhead lighting fixture is a must, but you should also add task lights under your cabinets to make food prep more safe and enjoyable. Apart from these two, add accent lighting to emphasize your favorite design element. Of course, make sure that all the bulbs used are energy-efficient.
So, upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you plan everything carefully and clearly determine your priorities, you’ll end up with a fabulous kitchen that not only looks amazing but is also energy-efficient. Therefore, see where you can save a bit, so you can afford to invest in upgrades that truly make a difference.

Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Featuring a classic, elegant look and tasteful details, the formal style will transform your living room into a high-style hub. Rather than embracing passing fads, this style will provide you with a design with a long-lasting appeal. Yet, although in favour of all things elegant, formal design will also bring a sense of warmth to your space, merging aesthetics with comfort and function. Designing a formal living room will provide you with a range of creative ideas, from high-end to budget-friendly.
enter image description here

A monochromatic palette keeps it classy

Formal style isn’t about fussy, overbearing looks, but rather understated designs that will set the tone of elegance subtly. A backdrop of white walls will place other details into focus, enabling them to truly shine. However, other neutral shades can be used for the base, including beiges, greys, off-whites and soft blues. Don’t be afraid to pick a neutral shade with a rich undertone that will create an authentic appeal. A combination of neutrals will help you create a deep effect, elevating your monochromatic palette to a new level.

But a pop of colour makes it authentic

Although it focuses on monochromaticity and neutrality when it comes to colour, formal design allows you to introduce a pop of colour that will brighten up your living room. It can be a single detail that will work as the focal point, such as a stunning painting above your sofa. You can also bring focus to a colourful traditional chair that will embellish your living room. For the accent details and occasional statements, you should go with rich royal hues, such as red, blue and purple. This will help you give your formal living room a regal flair.
enter image description here

Gold features will bring luxury

Something as simple as finish can make a world of difference in a formal space. And a gold finish is the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury in your living room. What’s even better is the fact that this is a completely budget-friendly upgrade because you can simply use a gold spray paint to transform your old hardware. You can also introduce fabrics in gold colour and use them for throw pillows on your comfy neutral sofa. You can also find furniture with gold engraving or introduce a stunning gold chandelier as the focal point above your coffee table.

Formal with a modern twist

Formal style enjoys great popularity in Australia, but Aussies have found a way to introduce a modern twist to their formal homes and combine the best of both worlds. For instance, luxurious homes in Sydney tend to feature classy, open spaces with top-quality sliding doors that offer great view of the back yard… However, when combined with modern furniture pieces and wooden tones, these homes gain a completely new dimension that brings formality and modernity together. If you yourself want to use modern and formal side by side, don’t be afraid to introduce antique pieces to a modern setting or vice versa. This will help you create a diverse, but balanced living room where high style and modern design meet.
enter image description here

Symmetry all around

Symmetry is one of the dominant principles in formal interior style, accentuating visual harmony and balance in a space. In your living room, you’ll find numerous opportunities for symmetric embellishments. You can opt for a symmetrical furniture arrangement that will give your living room a sense of effortless beauty. You can also introduce identical furniture pieces, such as two elegant armchairs paired up with two symmetric floor lamps. Embracing symmetry in your formal living room will truly establish balance and bring in elegance.

A cosy fireplace equals an elegant focal point

A stunning fireplace in a formal living room means an architecturally perfect focal point and plenty of design opportunities. You can place two symmetrical armchairs around your fireplace and create a cosy, inviting ambiance. A glamorous mirror above this focal point will accentuate it subtly yet powerfully, while an elegant grouping of stylish details will create a visual interest. For a truly stunning effect, you can decorate your fireplace with a monochromatic tile backsplash. Not only will it emphasise this beautiful focal point, but it will also give your formal living room an unusual appeal. There are other elegant design details that will put your fireplace under the spotlight. For instance, you can simply place a colourful abstract painting on the mantel and pair it up with a symmetrical set of gold candlesticks.

Opulent materials with subdued patterns

A subtle, monochromatic backdrop design allows texture to take the central stage. And when paired up with patterns, textiles will truly elevate your formal décor. The ultimate combination is introducing patterns made entirely out of textures. For example, you can transform a wall into an accent feature by applying wallpapers with a 3D swirl pattern. Focusing on a monochromatic, neutral colour palette will allow you to emphasise texture and create a “wow” effect. Rich upholstery fabrics featuring subdued patterns will bring a lovely, elegant look in your formal living room. The choice of fabric will also create a lush atmosphere, so make sure to introduce silk, velvet and other rich materials.

Formal living room design will provide you with a perfectly balanced, elegant space where warmth, style and sophistication come together.

Accent Your Living Room Design with these 3 Tricks

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If you think your living room is starting to look a bit tired, it might be the right time to consider making some changes. Interior designers are constantly coming up with new tricks homeowners can use to give their living rooms a fresh new look. We have come up with 3 of these that are guaranteed to help you accent your living room design.

enter image description here

Don’t Overcrowd the Room

If you want your living room to look great, you’ll want to give your furniture some breathing space. Most of the homeowners tend to overcrowd their living room with furniture and rugs. And this isn’t something you want to do since gracious living means having a lot of space to maneuver with ease. Leaving some breathing space is also a great idea for this working with a tight budget. It will allow you to fewer but more quality pieces of furniture. Bear in mind that minimalist style is in, and stuffing your living room with chairs and ottomans you buy at a flea market won’t help you get the look you’re hoping for. Instead, having just two chairs next to your sofa means they will stand out without having to fight for attention. Also, when there are fewer pieces of furniture and rugs, the artwork you hang is going to get all the focus it needs. In addition you will have much more light, and if your living room looks out to the back yard and pation, consider installing quality timber sliding doors, they will not only make the space look bigger, but also introduce additionl lighting and style into your living room design.

Opt for the Right Lighting Fixtures

It is no secret lighting is one of the most important aspects of just any indoor space. Therefore, when redecorating your living room, you should make sure you opt for the right lighting fixtures. Luckily, there are plenty of lighting options available online, and you’re guaranteed to find something that works for your living room. Floor lamps are a top pick for many homeowners. This is the case because these are easy to integrate and provide you with both downward and upward lighting. But in case you’re looking for a more discrete and stylish solution, wall sconces might be a perfect choice. Just remember that there are no simple cut and down answers when it comes to hanging the sconces. Try to figure out where you can position them in such a way that all the people in the room can enjoy it without suffering from the glare of exposed bulbs.

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Choose the Color of Your Walls Last

When redecorating, many homeowners like to start with a repainting project. Still, if you want to change the entire look of your living room, you should leave this for later. There are thousands of different paint colors and shades, which means you’ll simply have to come across the paint color you like. All of these look different from home to home, and what you think might work for you right now, may not turn out to be the best choice once start buying furniture and artwork for your living room. Once all of that stuff is inside your home, identifying the paint color that will do the trick will be much easier. Even then, you should first get just one can of paint to test the color you’ve picked. This is the case because the color that seemed great in the store may not look the same once you start applying it to your living room walls.

No matter what living room design ideas you decide to explore, bear in mind that the most important thing is to remember to have fun. Give your ideas a go and don’t be scared to try something new – only that way will you be able to fully enjoy the coziness and serene atmosphere your living room is supposed to provide you with.

Romantic Bedroom Design Inspiration

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Introducing a touch of romance into your bedroom will provide you with a truly dreamy haven. Not only will your space have a romantic vibe, but it will also seem more elegant and comfortable. A soft, whimsical look with authentic details will be perfect for a romantic sanctuary. So, if you’re ready to invite more romance into your life and your bedroom, you should dive into the world of design inspiration.
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Start with a romantic colour scheme

Romantic bedroom décor can be achieved through simplicity and elegance. A colour scheme of soft hues will be the perfect choice for creating such an atmosphere in your dreamy haven. You can go with a creamy white backdrop and spice it up with golden accents. A gold finish can also complement a blush-beige palette. Of course, an all-white bedroom design can also be romantic and dreamy. However, if you want to create visual interest, you can always add pops of passionate red or magical lavender.

Introduce a four poster bed

A stunning four-poster bed will work as a mesmerising focal point in your romantic bedroom while also giving it a regal appeal. You can choose from a range of different designs and wood tones and find one that fits into the general style of your bedroom. You can let the very design of your bed dominate the entire room or add enticing details for an even more authentic vibe. For instance, you can place canopy curtains and interlace them with twinkle lights. This will undoubtedly introduce a sense of romance into your sanctuary, filling it with a magical atmosphere.
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Use candles plentifully

There’s nothing more romantic than the flickering of scented candles. Using these embellishments throughout your bedroom will create a romantic, cosy ambience instantly. The glow of candles will fill your space with a romantic vibe while their scent will soothe and seduce you. You can go with elegant and dreamy candle jars and create lovely decorative arrangements, placing them on your nightstands, vanity and shelves. In addition, such lovely jars will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom that will resemble a romantic retreat.

Install functional dimmers

Dimmers are the perfect lighting solution for a romantic bedroom. They will allow you to adjust lighting depending on your needs and set the tone of romance in the evening. Dimming out the lights will create a more romantic, sensual atmosphere than bright, glaring lights. What’s more, you can even use dimmer switches for other lighting fixtures in your bedroom, such as lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, etc. This will provide you with a greater level of functionality and the ability to turn your bedroom into a romantic hub whenever you want to.

Experiment with other lighting solutions, too

Since lighting plays a crucial role in creating a specific ambience in a space, you can experiment with different solutions for a romantic effect. For instance, white fairy lights can always add a touch of romance to a room while red-coloured bulbs can also create a sensual atmosphere. Of course, the very design of your lighting fixtures can also contribute to the romantic appeal of your room. Birdcage-inspired lanterns can be the perfect addition to the bedroom of romance. Not only will they create the desired effect, but they will also elevate your dreamy bedroom décor.
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Play with rustic details

A rustic bedroom design can seem quite romantic and dreamy, especially if you go with a rustic-chic look. Muted tones in combination with natural texture will certainly create a whimsical atmosphere. You can introduce vintage and salvaged furniture, decorations and other details, giving them a new purpose in your romantic haven. You’ll achieve an even better effect if you paint them over using muted pale tones. Don’t forget to add some fresh roses for the final touch and your bedroom will become a true oasis of romance.

Designing a romantic bedroom will not only provide you with a dreamy sanctuary, but also invite more romance and magic into your everyday life.