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Vertigo Bird

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Vertigo Bird was founded and is run today by Silvo Kačar, also founder of Arcadia Lightware, one of Slovenia’s most successful lighting companies, and the owner of fixtures producer Sijaj Hrastnik, where the idea for Vertigo Bird was born. With years of experience in the sales, planning and implementation of lighting solutions, Silvo well knows the problems and the needs of the lighting business. Vertigo Bird is the result of his dreams, passions, creative inspiration and ideas toward the ongoing development of quality, timeless products. Today Vertigo Bird operates as an innovative, independent company with its headquarters in Ljubljana. Vertigo Bird nurtures the development of timeless designs suited to any architectural context, for both residential and commercial applications. Since its launch the company has worked intensively with both Slovenian and international designers and architects to build a diverse and compelling lighting collection that fills the niches between very upscale design lighting and everyday standardization. It also lends an element of soft, individual design to larger architectural lighting schemes. The brand Vertigo Bird was born in the mining and glassblowing region of central Slovenia. Traditional miner’s wisdom says "You have to go deep to reach high" finds an echo in the brand’s original design statement. The company drew its mission from a respect for local resources and know-how, yet was determined to overcome their limitations. Traditional skills and craftsmanship meets innovative technology and smart brand management. The curious name of the brand finds its origins in the Slovenian artists collective En Knap. Vertigo Bird is actually the name of a film created by dancer and choreographer Iztok Kovač together with film director Sašo Podgoršek. The film’s climactic dance performance unfolds in a coal mine and culminates in a vertigo dance high up the chimney of a local power station. Likewise, the Vertigo Bird brand hides neither its roots nor its high ambitions to become a truly individual global lighting brand.

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